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Ember Bay Hero

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Ember Bay Hero

Item type
Aurora: Awakening
Account Bound
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Ember Bay Master Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 15 items to prove your mastery over Ember Bay.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Ember Bay Hero.png Ember Bay Hero

Heavy Dragonscale Epaulets
Petrified Burl — Hint: Gathered from petrified stumps.
Pyroclastic Core — Hint: Obtained after defeating the pyroclastic jade construct.
Flask of Tears — Hint: Obtained from the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle.
Friend of the Circus — Hint: Win the favor of the circus in Ember Bay.
Friend of the Researchers — Hint: Assist the asuran researchers in Ember Bay.
Friend of the Skritt — Hint: Help the skritt encampment in Ember Bay.
Friend of Science — Hint: Assist Scientist Vratt in Ember Bay.
Mursaat Investigator — Hint: Investigate the mursaat fortress in Ember Bay.
Shiny Rock — Hint: Hidden in skritt stashes.
Tarnished Coin — Hint: Assist in Skrilla's treasure hunt.
Volcanic Scale — Hint: Obtained after defeating Vermignus.
Bottle of Skritt Spirits — Hint: Dropped by Pirate Captain Huuhes.
Slubling Tail — Hint: Obtained after defeating the sloth queen.
Molten Domination — Hint: Obtained after defeating the molten dominator.
Collected 15 Items 3Achievement points


  • Can be salvaged for 2,500 Karma.png.