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Box of Elegy Armor

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Box of Elegy Armor.png

Box of Elegy Armor

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Account Bound
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Contains crafting recipes and a choice of exotic armor sets.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items. The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy A Star to Guide Us 5Achievement points
Console an Awakened armorsmith and change the heart of a Sunspear.It can take a lifetime to learn how to live.
Reward:Box of Elegy Armor.png Box of Elegy Armor

Amira's Lament — Hint: Find the Awakened armorsmith in Sun's Refuge.
Unreadable Words — Hint: Find one of the armorsmith's monuments in Jahai.
Field Notes on Wrecked Memorials — Hint: Investigate the monument's destruction.
Amira's Complaint — Hint: Return to the armorsmith.
Notes on a Sunspear — Hint: Find Second Spear Riyid
Further Notes on a Sunspear — Hint: Listen to the Sunspear's fellow soldiers.
Child's Toy — Hint: Find something left behind at an old homestead.
Portrait of a Wife — Hint: Find something else left behind at an old homestead.
Harsh Words — Hint: Find the former Sunspear.
Commission — Hint: Bring an idea, and two memories, to the armorsmith.
Memorial for a Soldier — Hint: A memorial among wurms and bones.
Memorial for a Laborer — Hint: A memorial overlooking what flows and what grows.
Memorial for a Friend — Hint: A memorial preceding prosperity.
Memorial for a Peacemaker — Hint: A memorial of secrets beside an ancient arch.
Memorial for a Wanderer — Hint: A memorial where a general meets an old foe anew.
Memorial for a Brother — Hint: A memorial where a tyrant rose.
Memorial for a Wife and Son — Hint: Two memorials where one was destroyed.
Invitation — Hint: Find the destroyer.
Convergence — Hint: Where all things come together.
Endings and Beginnings
Completed Step 1 0Achievement points
Completed Step 20 5Achievement points



  • The boxes within the container each contain a full set of all six pieces of armor, all with the Grieving prefix.