Devoted of Illusions

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Devoted of Illusions is a phantasm left to guard the Cathedral of Hidden Depths. Once defeated, it shatters into an Illusory Essence.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Ineptitude Ineptitude - Expose your enemies, inflicting vulnerability in an area.
  • Mimic Mimic - Manipulation. The next utility skill you use has significantly reduced recharge, and Mimic's recharge is increased by the original recharge of the affected skill.  Mimic's recharge cannot be reset by other mesmer skills.
  • Portal of Abaddon - Create a purple-tinted whirlpool that pulses for around 10 seconds, inflicting random conditions like Chaos Storm.
  • Siren's Call Siren's Call - Unleash sonic energy that bounces between multiple foes, damaging and bleeding them. When it hits allies, it applies might, vigor, or swiftness.
Stolen skills