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Brisban Wildlands[edit]

ID Link Location
75 Point of interest.pngOgotl Grounds
76 Point of interest.pngInvariant Base
77 Point of interest.pngJoy's End
78 Point of interest.pngBeldame's Rise
79 Point of interest.pngSeraph Protectors
80 Point of interest.pngWillem's Bandits
81 Point of interest.pngScotta's Bandits
82 Point of interest.pngAngelan's Bandits
83 Point of interest.pngSkrittsatawney
84 Point of interest.pngEnrav Exploration Post
85 Point of interest.pngBreean's Bandits
86 Point of interest.pngPlunder Hold
87 Point of interest.pngSeanan's Bandits
88 Point of interest.pngRobbari's Bandits
89 Point of interest.pngFort Vandal
90 Point of interest.pngThaumacore Inquiry Center
91 Point of interest.pngRevered Terebinth
102 Point of interest.pngAethervolt Lab
823 Point of interest.pngCutpurse Circle
1904 Point of interest.pngTangle Root Outpost
ID Link Location
92 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWatchful Source Waypoint
93 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWendon Waypoint
94 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTunnels Waypoint
95 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHillstead Waypoint
96 Waypoint (tango icon).pngEast End Waypoint
97 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBrilitine Waypoint
98 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSeraph Observers Waypoint
99 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGallowfields Waypoint
100 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTriforge Point Waypoint
101 Waypoint (tango icon).pngUlta Metamagicals Waypoint
117 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMrot Boru Waypoint
118 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMirkrise Waypoint
1785 Waypoint (tango icon).pngProxemics Lab Waypoint
ID Link Location
1474 Vista.pngHidden Lake Vista
1475 Vista.pngWatchful Source Vista
1476 Vista.pngKoga Ruins Vista
1477 Vista.pngThe Shattered Henge Vista
1478 Vista.pngGotala Cascade Vista
1479 Vista.pngAethervolt Lab Vista
1480 Vista.pngSkrittsburgh Tunnels Vista

Caledon Forest[edit]

ID Link Location
103 Point of interest.pngSolitaire Island
104 Point of interest.pngCaer Verdant
105 Point of interest.pngGolotl Grounds
106 Point of interest.pngBay Haven
107 Point of interest.pngMorgatl Grounds
108 Point of interest.pngNaulshead Refuge
109 Point of interest.pngStormwreck Deeps
110 Point of interest.pngHemlock Coil
111 Point of interest.pngHanto Trading Post
112 Point of interest.pngHazupl Grounds
113 Point of interest.pngSoggorsort
114 Point of interest.pngSlaver's Deeps
115 Point of interest.pngBanshee's Keen
116 Point of interest.pngDengatl Grounds
1087 Point of interest.pngBriarthorn Den
1088 Point of interest.pngThe Weeping Isle
1089 Point of interest.pngDolorous Vale
1093 Point of interest.pngRime's Garden
1280 Point of interest.pngDanador's Kennel
1281 Point of interest.pngZopatl Grounds
ID Link Location
308 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAstorea Waypoint
309 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSpiral Waypoint
310 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCaer Astorea Waypoint
311 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGleaner's Cove Waypoint
312 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBrigid's Overlook Waypoint
313 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSperrins Waypoint
314 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMabon Waypoint
315 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTown of Cathal Waypoint
316 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCaledon Haven Waypoint
317 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTitan's Staircase Waypoint
318 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFalias Thorp Waypoint
319 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHamlet of Annwen Waypoint
320 Waypoint (tango icon).pngKraitbane Haven Waypoint
321 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWychmire Waypoint
322 Waypoint (tango icon).pngWardenhurst Waypoint
844 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLionguard Waystation Waypoint
1345 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTwilight Arbor Waypoint
1534 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSleive's Waypoint
ID Link Location
1460 Vista.pngRuins of the Unseen Vista
1461 Vista.pngKraitbane Haven Vista
1462 Vista.pngDominion of Winds Vista
1463 Vista.pngOgham Waterfall Vista
1464 Vista.pngSleive's Inlet Vista
1465 Vista.pngHazupl Grounds Vista
1466 Vista.pngCaledon Haven Vista
1467 Vista.pngBay Haven Vista

Metrica Province[edit]

ID Link Location
51 Point of interest.pngIncinergen Labs
52 Point of interest.pngBattleground Plaza
53 Point of interest.pngThe Opticalium
54 Point of interest.pngDurotl Grounds
55 Point of interest.pngAquannian Research Group
56 Point of interest.pngDr. Bleent's Encampment
57 Point of interest.pngOld Oola Lab
58 Point of interest.pngParnna's Gate
59 Point of interest.pngConduit Tower Blig
60 Point of interest.pngConduit Tower Nopp
61 Point of interest.pngInner Inquest Complex
62 Point of interest.pngTransfer Gate (Private)
63 Point of interest.pngConduit Tower Scoln
141 Point of interest.pngC.L.E.A.N. Station
551 Point of interest.pngPR&T Esoterics
552 Point of interest.pngIncomp Optics
553 Point of interest.pngBrill Alliance Labs
1076 Point of interest.pngSplorg Metamystics Lab
1134 Point of interest.pngTransformer Hub Kachong
1191 Point of interest.pngBiocauldron Alchemics
1289 Point of interest.pngTerranexic Lab
1290 Point of interest.pngAeronotics Lab
1535 Point of interest.pngOld Flamen Lab
ID Link Location
64 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSoren Draa Waypoint
65 Waypoint (tango icon).pngJeztar Falls Waypoint
66 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAkk Wilds Waypoint
67 Waypoint (tango icon).pngRana Landing Complex Waypoint
68 Waypoint (tango icon).pngArterium Haven Waypoint
69 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHexane Regrade Waypoint
70 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSurvivor's Encampment Waypoint
71 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMuridian Waypoint
72 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDesider Atum Waypoint
1198 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOld Golem Factory Waypoint
1199 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLoch Waypoint
1200 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAnthill Waypoint
1201 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMichotl Grounds Waypoint
1202 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCuatl Waypoint
1203 Waypoint (tango icon).pngArtergon Waypoint
1271 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHydrone Unit Waypoint
ID Link Location
1405 Vista.pngDesider Atum Vista
1406 Vista.pngWildflame Caverns Vista
1407 Vista.pngArterium Haven Vista
1408 Vista.pngSplorge Metamystics Vista
1409 Vista.pngIncinergen Labs Vista
1410 Vista.pngBrill Alliance Labs Vista
1411 Vista.pngThaumanova Reactor Vista
1412 Vista.pngInquest Outer Complex Vista
1413 Vista.pngAkk Wilds Vista

Mount Maelstrom[edit]

ID Link Location
692 Point of interest.pngValley of Gwaun
693 Point of interest.pngTzanopl Grounds
694 Point of interest.pngRestless Deeps
695 Point of interest.pngGorlois Spine
696 Point of interest.pngVenomblight
697 Point of interest.pngGallant's Folly
698 Point of interest.pngEvisomancer's Resort
699 Point of interest.pngMalxa Pyronetics
700 Point of interest.pngMoonlight Rill
701 Point of interest.pngZone Violet
702 Point of interest.pngZone White
703 Point of interest.pngZone Green
704 Point of interest.pngZone Black
705 Point of interest.pngZone Red
706 Point of interest.pngZone Blue (Under Construction)
707 Point of interest.pngBreth Ayahusasca
708 Point of interest.pngRata Pten
709 Point of interest.pngHerot's Ascent
710 Point of interest.pngTheurgic Volute
1677 Point of interest.pngAquabase Terror Seven
1678 Point of interest.pngNew Skrittstead
1679 Point of interest.pngForge Foundations
1680 Point of interest.pngGloomirk Outpost
1681 Point of interest.pngMosstide Walfts
1682 Point of interest.pngAliyana's Haunt
1683 Point of interest.pngTreacherous Vents
1684 Point of interest.pngMaelstrom's Core
1685 Point of interest.pngHellmouth Falls
1686 Point of interest.pngFelsic Plains
1687 Point of interest.pngClandest Basecamp
1688 Point of interest.pngLonatl Grounds
1689 Point of interest.pngObservation Platform XKV
ID Link Location
711 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMurkvale Waypoint
712 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGovoran Waypoint
713 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCriterion Waypoint
714 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFirebreak Fort Waypoint
715 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSpaecia Illogica Waypoint
716 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBard's Waypoint
717 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMaelstrom's Waypoint
718 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAshen Waypoint
719 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAvernan Waypoint
720 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBroken Arrow Waypoint
721 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOxbow Isle Waypoint
722 Waypoint (tango icon).pngIrwin Isle Waypoint
723 Waypoint (tango icon).pngGauntlet Waypoint
724 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOld Sledge Site Waypoint
725 Waypoint (tango icon).pngJudgment Waypoint
726 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMagmatic Waypoint
1346 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCrucible of Eternity Waypoint
ID Link Location
1702 Vista.pngRestless Deeps Vista
1703 Vista.pngRata Pten Vista
1704 Vista.pngMaelstrom's Core Vista
1705 Vista.pngInfinite Coil Reactor Vista
1706 Vista.pngMalxa Pyrotechnics Vista
1707 Vista.pngOld Sledge Site Vista
1708 Vista.pngSootberme Vista

Sparkfly Fen[edit]

ID Link Location
433 Point of interest.pngDeadman's Reach
434 Point of interest.pngPorgotl Grounds
435 Point of interest.pngOccuintl Grounds
436 Point of interest.pngNicantl Grounds
437 Point of interest.pngThe Tower of Modius
438 Point of interest.pngQuinatl Deadgrounds
439 Point of interest.pngSunken Chaladeen
440 Point of interest.pngJinotl Deadgrounds
441 Point of interest.pngBrokenhope Village
442 Point of interest.pngShrine of Usharr
443 Point of interest.pngInquest Hexfoundry G-14
444 Point of interest.pngRuined Vallah
445 Point of interest.pngUnited Arcanist Lab
446 Point of interest.pngFabled Djannor
447 Point of interest.pngWrathwave Deeps
448 Point of interest.pngWreck of the Argent Warrior
449 Point of interest.pngShorewatch Post
450 Point of interest.pngSwampwatch Post
451 Point of interest.pngSouthwatch Post
945 Point of interest.pngBattlement Shore
ID Link Location
452 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOrvar's Glen Waypoint
453 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFort Cadence Waypoint
454 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBraggi's Stead Waypoint
455 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSaltflood Waypoint
456 Waypoint (tango icon).pngZintl Holy Grounds Waypoint
457 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOcean's Gullet Waypoint
458 Waypoint (tango icon).pngForvar's Waypoint
459 Waypoint (tango icon).pngToade's Head Waypoint
460 Waypoint (tango icon).pngFlamefrog Waypoint
461 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDarkweather Waypoint
462 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBrackwater Waypoint
463 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAleem's Waypoint
464 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSplintered Coast Waypoint
465 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBrooloonu Waypoint
845 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDryground Village Waypoint
947 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCaer Brier Waypoint
948 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMire Waypoint
ID Link Location
1655 Vista.pngSaltflood Mire Vista
1656 Vista.pngOrvanic Cliffs Vista
1657 Vista.pngOrvanic Shore Vista
1658 Vista.pngWrathwave Deeps Vista
1659 Vista.pngUnited Arcanist Lab Vista