Capture Firewatch Encampment from the Flame Legion

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Capture Firewatch Encampment from the Flame Legion

Interactive map

Interactive map

Capture Firewatch Encampment from the Flame Legion is a level 58 event that takes place in Gladefall Run.


  • Firewatch Encampment
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 5,866 Experience.png 279 Karma.png 65 Copper coin
Silver 4,986 Experience.png 238 Karma.png 55 Copper coin
Bronze 4,399 Experience.png 210 Karma.png 49 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 58 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





During event
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Stain me with your blood. Bleed on me. Bleed on me!
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Yes, yes, yes. Guts on my claws. Give me more!
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Yes! Show me the color of your blood. Show me every drop.
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Charge! (roar)
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: You want some, freak? I'm gonna slit you open and see what you're made off.
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Hey, fire freak. You're going to make a nice trophy.
Event success
Heyt Guthammer: You got a little intense there boss. You ok?
Legionnaire "Guts" Gutrender: Okay? (chuckle) I'm covered in Flame Legion blood. I can still hear their screams. (snarl) Best day of my life.
Legionnaire Callis Strongmarch: All right, once Skullbasher arrives with his squad, we move out and take that bridge. Any questions?
Iron Legion Engineer: No questions! Ready to move out!
Iron Legion Soldier: I'm ready. Time to burn some Flame Legion.
Iron Legion Soldier: Where's Skullbasher and his unit of mortar operators? This bridge isn't gonna secure itself.
Iron Legion Engineer: How should I know?
Legionnaire Callis Strongmarch: One more complaint and I'm sending you both back to Cowlfang. Is that understood?
Iron Legion Engineer: Understood, sir.
Iron Legion Soldier: Yes, sir.
Legionnaire Marius Skullbasher: Listen up, you maggots! You're gonna setup some mortars! And you're gonna do it right quick!
Legionnaire Marius Skullbasher: If you don't rain down death and destruction on the Flame Legion, I'll put my foot so far up your behinds, you're gonna be my boots!
Legionnaire Marius Skullbasher: Why are you still standing here? I needed those mortars yesterday!
Mortar Operator: Sir! Yes, sir!
Legionnaire Callis Strongmarch: Move up and secure this bridge. This will take us straight to the Flame Legion!
Iron Legion Engineer: Can't Cross a river without Iron Legion. Can't hold a fort without Iron Legion.