Book Of Knowledge: Krait

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Book Of Knowledge: Krait

Item type
Creature Codex
Soulbound on Acquire
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Book Of Knowledge: Krait was a Creature Codex book that provided the player with a skill point and lore on krait. Before its removal, reading it was a skill challenge.


Book Of Knowledge: Krait

These intelligent serpentine creatures make up one of the most dangerous aquatic races in all of Tyria.

They kill without compunction, take slaves without a moment's pause, and sacrifice innocent villagers as part of their dark and fanatical faith, which declares the krait as the supreme species in Tyria. Most krait live in vast underwater constructions that stretch from the water's surface to the ocean depths. These cities act as home, hatchery, and training ground for the next generation of zealots.

As the water is the krait's natural environment, they have a strong advantage in underwater combat, even against other waterborne races like hylek and quaggans.