Bitterfrost Frontier Master

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Bitterfrost Frontier Master is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to gain the Bitterfrost Frontier Hero medal, a requirement for creating Aurora. This collection is one of seven in the Aurora: Awakening achievement set.


Bitterfrost Frontier Master Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 14 items to prove your mastery over Bitterfrost Frontier.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Bitterfrost Frontier Hero.png Bitterfrost Frontier Hero
Collected 14 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Glacial Gauntlets.png Heavy Glacial Gauntlets Complete "A Crack in the Ice" Mastery.
Plump Winterberry.png Plump Winterberry Gathered from winterberry nodes.
Frozen Winterberry.png Frozen Winterberry Found in icebound chests.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of the Grawl Keep the grawl busy in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Friend of Noran.png Protector of Griffons Help protect the endangered snow griffons in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of Quaggans Help the quaggan farmers harvest food in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Friend of Noran.png Enemy of the Svanir Disrupt the Svanir in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Mini Aurene.png Mini Aurene Complete the Gift of Aurene collection.
Corrupted Griffon Talon.png Corrupted Griffon Talon Dropped by the corrupted griffon in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Corrupted Wolfmaster Whistle.png Corrupted Wolfmaster Whistle Dropped by the corrupted wolfmaster in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Icebrood Goliath Sinew.png Icebrood Goliath Sinew Dropped by the champion icebrood goliath in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Icebrood Norn Pauldrons.png Icebrood Norn Pauldrons Dropped by the champion icebrood norn in Bitterfrost Frontier.
Icebrood Troll Tooth.png Icebrood Troll Tooth Dropped by the champion icebrood troll in Bittefrost
Crystallized Suet.png Crystallized Suet Found in chests inside the Bitter Cold in Bitterfrost Frontier.