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ArenaNet employee

Annie VanderMeer


Annie VanderMeer started in the videogame industry in 2004, and joined ArenaNet as a game designer in 2009, working both on the Personal Story for Guild Wars 2 and the Lost Shores and Flame & Frost Living World episodes. After adventures at other roles and companies, she rejoined as a senior designer in 2019, working on episodes 3 and 4 of the Icebrood Saga, and on the expansion End of Dragons. When not making Guild Wars 2, she makes other videogames, writes, and experiments with "boozecraft" - including making drinks themed after each of the End of Dragon's maps, including the Arborstone hub.

— Annie VanderMeer

Annie VanderMeer was a senior game designer at ArenaNet. She worked on the personal story, Living World Season 1, The Icebrood Saga, and Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.



  • Senior Game Designer
    • December 2019 – April 2022[1]
  • Game Designer
    • September 2009 – May 2013


Personal story
  • Worked with team to shape personal story throughout game, and with design partner on developing cohesive flow and theme throughout their assigned "chapter".
  • Crafted quest instances, implemented combat and player interactions, wrote first drafts of dialogue, tested and polished with additional audio and music cues, shot and implemented cutscenes.
  • Collaborated with writers to develop and expand world lore, and document extensively on the ArenaNet's internal wiki.
  • Utilized internal art tools to develop appearances for hundreds of characters.[2]
  • In any area she scripted in Guild Wars 2 where a prop had changeable states (lights you could turn off and on, doors you could open, things with changeable states), she set up to be interactable by the player, e.g. the lights in pretty much every sylvari area (especially Caithe's room).
  • Added cats that the player could play with to Caer Aval inside Fort Trinity. The cats were named after developers' real cats which had passed away during development. Later had Scholar Blaithnat hanging out with the cats, saying they made her feel better.[3]
Living World Season 1
The Icebrood Saga
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons
  • Among other things, she helped design the Arborstone hub and added Benn Tenstrikes, Fel Vaerdenmer, and Merri Sunbower there, and wrote Supervisor Bei Fung's dialogue.[5]
  • Wrote a noncanonical short story for Sicaea the Shrouded, one of her favorite characters whom she had created for the personal story.[6]


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