Aethin Skulltwister

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Renounce your former legion and swear allegiance to Flame.

— Aethin Skulltwister

Aethin Skulltwister is a recruiter for the Flame Legion working under orders of his legionnaire, Shaman Mergath Flarekin, in seeking information for an upcoming assassination plot on Smodur the Unflinching and the tribunes stationed in the Black Citadel.


Aethin Skulltwister served dutifully in the Flame Legion under his commanding officer, Shaman Mergath Flarekin, who planned a bold attack on the Black Citadel in 1325 AE. Before defecting from the Flame Legion and heading for the Black Citadel to warn the brass there of the shaman's plan, Clement Forktail made it seem that his cub, who was now a Legionnaire in the High Legions, would be interested in joining the Flame Legion like Clement had done in the past.

Although Aethin later became aware of Clement switching sides and considered him a double-traitor, he was nevertheless intrigued by the possibility of recruiting Clement's cub, whose fame had spread in the Legions, to Flame's cause. He was given orders by Mergath to meet with the Legionnaire and find out what the Legionnaire knew about the Black Citadel's highest ranking officers, intel that could be useful in the shaman's upcoming assault.

Aethin encountered the Legionnaire in Lamia Mire. He denied the Legionnaire a chance to keep their current rank in the Flame Legion and instead offered a choice: either the Legionnaire renounced the High Legions, swore allegiance to Flame and gave all the information about the Citadel and its brass that Mergath was after, or the Legionnaire would burn then and there.

Believing himself to have the upper hand and unaware that the Legionnaire's sparring partner was hiding nearby, Aethin arrogantly blurted out his commanding officer's plans, thus inadvertently verifying Clement's story about the upcoming assault. No longer deeming Aethin useful, the Legionnaire and the sparring partner promptly attacked the Flame recruiter on the spot and killed him and his reinforcements after a brief clash.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Summons Embers
  • Lava Orb - Projectile attack that creates an AoE field where it lands, dealing damage every second over 3 seconds.
  • Lava Jet - Creates an AoE field that deals damage every second over 5 seconds before exploding and Launch.png launching enemies.
  • Summon Fire Elementals - Creates Embers.
Stolen skills