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The Overgrown Grub is a massive grub found in the Eternal Battlegrounds during Eliminate the overgrown grub. Upon death, it spawns an Eternal Chest and awards 450 WXP.


The Mists


Combat abilities[edit]




  • Spit Barrage - Channeled attack that randomly fires multiple projectiles at nearby enemies.
  • Poison Swarm - Projectile attack that creates an area of effect field where it lands for 5 seconds, Deals damage every second; heal potency decreased by 33%; stacks intensity. Poisoning foes for 4 seconds every second.
  • Burrow - The grub spits out a large number of area of effect projectiles that spawn Cave Grubs, Forest Grubs, and Grubs where they land before burrowing underground. While the grub is burrowing, it blocks incoming attacks; while submerged, it becomes untargetable. After 5 seconds, it resurfaces with a Surprise Attack. The grub will then burrow once more, repeating the process.
    • Surprise Attack - The grub begins to resurface at target location, creating an area of effect circle for 2 seconds which does no damage and serves as a warning to players. After 2 seconds, the grub bursts out of the ground, dealing high point-blank area of effect damage and Launch Launching foes.

Stolen skills[edit]


  • Chance of the following:
Crafting material


450 WXP
Eternal Chest

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