Mystic Forge Stone

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Mystic Forge Stone.png

Mystic Forge Stone

Material type
Mystic items
Used by
Mystic Forge
Account Bound
250 Gem.png for 5
450 Gem.png for 10
Game link

Take this stone to the mystic forge to have Zommoros forge something special for you.

— In-game description



Item substitution[edit]

A stone can be used in place of a piece of equipment for the forge's conversion recipes.

  • Three items must be equipment of equal rarity, i.e. any combination of armor, trinkets, or weapon.
  • The chance to upgrade is the same as with normal like-item rarity conversion: 20%.
  • The stone takes the place of a fourth item of equal rarity, with a type and level equivalent to the average level of the first three items. For example:
    • Three Level 75 exotic axes + 1 stone = same as four Level 75 exotic weapons; result will be a Level 80 exotic weapon.
    • Two Level 75 rare axes + one Level 75 greatsword + 1 stone = same as four Level 75 weapons; result will be a Level 80 weapon of either rare (80%) or exotic (20%) quality.
    • Two Level 62 weapons + one Level 80 trinket + 1 stone = same as four Level 68 pieces of gear, i.e. the result could be a piece of armor, a trinket, or a weapon.

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Crude Salvage Kit.png Mystic Salvage Kit ERare Mystic Forge 0