Vorgas Garrison

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Vorgas Garrison


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Vorgas Garrison is a Flame Legion stronghold located in The Toughstone, Fireheart Rise. They often battle with the Pact forces stationed at Snow Ridge Camp nearby.

Getting there[edit]

To get close enough to the waypoint for map completion, players must find the very eastern edge of the stone-spike gates, sliding as close as possible between the gate and the wall. (Or, try aiming for the point on the wall that is almost directly south of the bottom point of the waypoint diamond on the map.) The waypoint is otherwise inaccessible without first successfully completing the Destroy Vorgas Garrison's gate event, part of The Pact Campaign Against the Flame Legion meta event. After successful completion of the event, the waypoint remains functional until the continuing meta event either fails or resets. At any other time, the waypoint is contested and players will be redirected.