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Veteran Escaping Djinn

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Veteran Escaping Djinn

Veteran Escaping Djinn are djinn that appear when interacting with the Forgotten Pillars in Skyward Reach.


Crystal Desert

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Help Follower Xunn collect Forgotten Glyphs for decoding (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Elemental Armor

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Lightning Ball
  • Lightning Form
Stolen skills


On being released from their statue
Begone, interloper! These glyphs are mine!
None but fools disturb a slumbering djinn!
You will not stop my retreat to the pillars!
You search in vain. The Forgotten and gods are no more!
You are not worthy of these glyphs, two-arms.
None can survive my lightning!
I have hoarded these glyphs for ages. You may not have them!


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Charged Core.png Charged Core Crafting material Rare 1
Ragged Garment.png Garment Salvage item Basic 1
Opal Crystal.png Opal Crystal Crafting material Masterwork 1
Shocking Crystal.png Shocking Crystal Trophy Junk 1