Veteran Dredge Mining Suit

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Veteran Dredge Mining Suits are resilient enemy dredge who surround themselves with other dredge such as Dredge Resonators, Dredge Excavators and Dredge Disaggregators.


Shiverpeak Mountains
The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Slash Slash - Slash at your target. Causes bleeding.
  • Pummel Pummel - Pummel your target with mining spikes.
  • Summon Dredge - Kneels down and spawns two normal ranked dredge.
Stolen skills


  • Dredge mining suits summon 2-4 burrowing Dredge Excavators when their perform their sleep animation (the suit retracts its limbs). It is recommended to interrupt this animation to avoid being overrun by summoned dredge.
  • Any Dredge Excavators they summon will quickly burrow down to escape when the mining suit is defeated.
  • Dredge summoned by Dredge Mining Suits will give experience, but will not drop any loot.