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Let's see what I can do...using some of what you've already entered.

The Lost Shores[edit]

Immediately following Halloween, new ships appeared in Lion's Arch bearing a strange mark. The Consortium had arrived in the city and were advertising a new resort. Meanwhile, whales started beaching themselves on the shores of the city. Rumors began to circle about sea monsters. Head Researcher Levvi appeared with her krewe and began researching strange readings, signalling that something big was out in the ocean and incoming. She tried desperately to convince Captain Magnus of this, but unless something attacked Lion's Arch or threatened the trade, he would do nothing.

Then the karka attacked. Brave adventurers fought back, and provided samples to Levvi's krewe, until they drove the invaders away by attacking the younger karka. Inspector Kiel was tasked with finding out who riled them up, whereas Levvi searched for a way to defeat them. While this was going on, karka attacked Garrenhoff and Morgan's Spiral.

Kiel's investigation utilized the adventurers, discovering links from wreckage on the beaches to the Consortium. After pressuring Levvi's ex-boyfriend and then Subdirector Noll, we were led to Canach, a sylvari secondborn, who filled us in and we notified Kiel to take him into custody. Canach had been in charge of an expedition to an unknown and recently discovered island as part of a Consortium group. They were forbidden from interfering with the wildlife, but he saw a loophole in the plants. This apparently aggravated the local creatures, and they tracked him down.

Meanwhile, adventurers asked Miyani and Zommoros about the karka, finding out they're an old race who used to live in deep waters from ages ago, but seem to have been recently driven to the surface. Adventurers were told to check with the aquatic races: the quaggan, the hylek, and the largos. After reminding her of the past, Pastkeeper Saballa gave a scroll that held their knowledge of the karka. Gukumatz helped create a powerful solvent using hylek alchemy, and Fahd al'Eshadhi provided a sample of the karka shell after adventurers proved themselves in combat. All of this was provided to Levvi for research.

When the karka attacked a second time, adventurers were armed with the powerful solvent and fought them back much easier. Kiel forced Canach to reveal his and the Consortium's involvement, and took the fight to the karka under Magnus' orders. She brought the adventurers along as we took the beach and blazed trails across the island. Once we reached Camp Karka, preparations began for the final assault on the Ancient Karka.

Demolition teams planted charges, and adventurers found and drove the Ancient Karka back to the hive. After blowing the charges and firing siege weapons, we finally collapsed the ground underneath, dropping the karka into lava. Inspector Kiel and Researcher Levvi remained on the island to learn more about the karka and help prevent future issues.

Flame and Frost[edit]

Charr and Norn refugees fled from the north and started flooding into Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. Adventurers attempted to help the refugees by clearing their way, helping wounded, gathering momentos of the lost, and finding lost items. As the numbers become overflowing, the refugees even start entering Lion's Arch, where the Consortium begins providing shelter and supplies and enticing them to travel to Southsun Cove where they will build new homes.

It was discovered that an alliance between the dredge and the Flame Legion, known as the Molten Alliance, is forcing them to flee by razing their villages in the Shiverpeaks. Destiny's Edge members request adventurers to help Rytlock with a counteroffensive. He sends Rox, a gladium, to the North Nolan Hatchery to stop an invasion there, and asks adventurers to help her out. This mission is a step for Rox towards joining the Stone warband, Rytlock's own warband. Meanwhile, a norn named Braham, who turns out to be Eir's son, asks for help taking his home of Cragstead back from the Molten Alliance. After failing to get any from Rytlock, he travels to Hoelbrak to ask Knut Whitebear, who also says he can't help. He asks any adventurers to help out, as the leaders are unable or, to him, unwilling.

Rox enters the Hatchery with help and defeats the invaders, but discovers that several prisoners were taken. She also finds an albino devourer that latches onto her. She decides to keep him as her new pet. Braham enters Cragstead with help and defeats the invaders there as well, but also discovers prisoners were taken...including his crush, Ottilia. Adventurers also help collect dead drops from an undercover Whispers agent, and players learn there's internal strife between the two factions, that something pushed them together, and that the alliance is creating very dangerous hybrid weapons of technology and magic.

The Vigil discover the locations of several Molten Facilities throughout Ascalon and Shiverpeaks. Braham and Rox enter and, with additional help of adventurers, free the prisoners and defeat the Molten Alliance, destroying the facility as they leave. As new facilities are discovered, the pair enter and help destroy as many as possible. After finishing that, a celebration begins while Rox interrogates prisoners. We learn that the alliance was instigated by an unknown third party. Braham confers with Knut and states he's returning to Cragstead to rebuild.

Secret of Southsun/Last Stand at Southsun[edit]

Several of the refugees have taken up the Consortium's offer and traveled to Southsun Cove as settlers. All is not good, though, as they discover they're not there to live normally, but to work as near slaves for the Consortium. The settlers are bound there, however, due to the contracts they signed when accepting the offer, leading to unrest and frustration, as well as riots. In addition, something is riling up the wildlife, causing crazed animal attacks on a daily basis. The Consortium moves ahead with their plans to turn the island into a resort, despite the settlers and wildlife, and invites several nobility to the new island beaches. The Lionguard, who still have a presence on the island, call on Inspector Kiel to provide security for the nobility, notably Lady Kasmeer and Lord Faren. Kiel deputizes adventurers to help out. Adventurers who explore will find memos that show the Consortium's plans are to use the settlers and indoctrinate them into slavery.

Researcher Levvi enlists volunteers to take samples of local plantlife anomolies, while Settler and Consortium negotiators ask for help in quelling the instigators of violence while they try to deal with the unrest. Kiel interrogates a settler after one particular animal attack and determines that Canach may be behind it. After intimidating Subdirector Noll, she discovers that the targets are the settler contracts holding them to the island, and that all other copies of the contracts have already been destroyed. Another memo surfaces noting that Noll is being ordered to secure all contracts and return them to the home office.

Adventurers learn that Kasmeer is in Southsun Cove helping someone named Jory, while Faren is escaping a near riot after judging a cat competition and not finding the local cat the winner.

Inspector Kiel tracks Canach down to his secret lair and he is captured. Canach is still angry at the Consortium for dismissing him, and was working to free the settlers from their control. He has begun to see himself as a sort of anti-hero, even helping destroy a Molten Facility before. His plans are already underway, however, and Kiel decides to resolve the issue permanently. Accompanied by settlers and Consortium guards, she helps the Consortium load the contracts onto a Lionguard ship. However, the ship is destroyed shortly after leaving, eliminating all existing copies. Kiel reports back to Magnus, who commends her on her thinking. The settlers are now free to leave if they want.

Meanwhile, Rox is still undergoing the trials for joining the Stone warband. She remains at North Nolan Hatchery, training her new devourer Frostbite. Braham, on the other hand, is rebuilding Cragstead. He and Ottilia found each other in Hoelbrak during the celebration.

Dragon Bash/Sky Pirates of Tyria[edit]

The Captain's Council decides to hold a festival, modeled after the old Dragon Festival from Cantha, honoring the defiant spirit of Tyria against the Elder Dragons with a celebration of fireworks, festivities, and new commemorations of the founding of Lion's Arch. Festivalgoers can be found around the city, each with the own view. Some of the population aren't very happy about the festival, and a small group of protestors can be found in the Grand Piazza. Inspector Kiel, fresh from Southsun Cove, is there to provide security.

The celebration kicks off with an effigy ceremony. Magnus brings representatives from the various races to burn effigies and remember those already lost to the Elder Dragons. During the ceremony, though, an arcane explosion kills the charr representative and wounds members of the Captain's Council. A woman named Mai Trin asks to help, and is directed to try and help the charr representative. Kiel loads the councillors onto a dolyak transport and they are brought to Fort Marriner, but are attacked by pirates called Aetherblades on the way. With the help of adventurers, they make it, and Kiel opens an investigation, noting that one of the councillor's wounds are particularly bad.

Over in Divinity's Reach, Logan Thackery hires a private investigator, Marjory Delaqua, to help the investigation. Theo Ashford of the Captain's Council died from his wounds after the attack, and Logan wants to hedge his bets on finding the culprit. Adventurers are directed to help out by a mysterious person named E, whom Marjory notes has helped her before. Lady Kasmeer is also asked to come along, Marjory being her business partner (the "Jory" from before).

Marjory comes to the scene of the crime and aids Inspector Kiel with a device she calls the Tassi Box, which reveals arcane residue. She determined that the explosion occurred after several components were added to the effigy, causing an arcane explosion. The only witnesses that are determined to have arcane residue are the charr representative and Mai Trin, but she is given the benefit of the doubt because she was attempting to revive the charr representative. Four of the representatives cannot be found, though, and adventurers are asked to find them.

After locating the missing representatives, one of which was found dead and the others with Aetherblades nearby, adventurers returned to the scene of the crime. Marjory tweaked the Tassi box to locate a combination of the residue from each of the representatives. Only the culprit would have handled all the components. Mai Trin is revealed to be the culprit, saying she planned to take control of a seat on the Captain's Council after one of them died. Before the Lionguard can arrest her, though, she calls her Aetherblade allies in to cause a distraction while she escapes.

Inspector Kiel discovers the location of the main Aetherblade base, which is right in Lion's Arch. She asks any and all adventurers to help take down the Aetherblades, deputizing anyone that wants to help. The Aetherblades turn out to be a combination of pirates and Inquest. After fighting through an Inquest lab of electric walls and through a storm, adventurers confront Mai Trin and her first mate, Horrik, at the dock of one of their airships.

Mai Trin was apparently taking orders from someone named Scarlet, but knows that they will likely be killed before they can escape. After the fight, Kiel takes Mai Trin into custody and the airship is confiscated by Captain Magnus. Later, another Aetherblade base is discovered right outside Lion's Arch where adventurers went in and plundered their treasures. At the end of the celebration, Magnus informs Kiel that Ashford's second was killed back in the Molten Alliance fiasco, and they will be holding an election for his seat. He wants her to go for it, promoting her to captain and giving her the airship they commandeered from the Aetherblades.

Meanwhile, Braham is struggling to build his relationship with Ottilia, but she doesn't have the same outlook on Cragstead as he does.