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This historical page belongs to The Holy Dragons and everything in this page should not be considered canon to Holy's stories. (as they're being improved, by.. a lot..) -- Thanks.

this is the first monthly log Nero wrote. 

The Beginning

I've been raised in nobility because of my ancestor being some kind of great rich hero in the past.
I've left my home when I was a teenager because I had a fight with my father
about my dead sister "I never recovered my sister's body.'' I always said.
My sister was a Seraph, centaurs killed her while she was out on patrol. They never recovered her body, and it has always bothered me...
After strolling down the streets of Divinity's Reach for some days, I found a library called ''The Busy Asura''.
A man said he was happy to finally have found me and gave me a book.
It was a thick black book, covered in dust, with a -golden almost glowing- title engraved in it reading; ''A Heavenly Tale''.
The man was gone before I was able to ask him what it was.
I opened the book to read it and a bluish glow appeared.
I felt a cold (though somewhat familiar) chill running down my spine, and I knew I was holding something interesting in my very hands.
I started to read the book and didn't pause even once till I finished it.
This book contained the story of my ancestor the so called; ''great hero''.
Everything was there: The reason he was sent to Tyria, his adventures and even his death were all stated.
His fight with the famous Undead Lich from Orr, the fight with Shiro The Betrayer from Cantha and even the legendary fight with Abaddon the god of secrets himself!
His struggle with the Destroyers, a plague even known to the people of this day and even him being the first Guardian of Tyria!
'So it was him!' , I thought when I finished reading this. My ancestor is the great Legendary Guardian of Tyria!
That was the moment I made one of the largest decisions of my life.
I wanted to become a guardian too.
My ancestor was not that spoiled rich old man I always thought him to be!
He was one of the most famous legends in all of Tyria.
Greater then Mhenlo the monk , Master Togo from Shing Jea who even sacrificed himself to save his brother and his empire.
This man's blood runs through my veins and that's the very reason I must become just as good as him. No! I'll become even better! I will be the very person to slay the Elder Dragons!
Tyria called for a hero, and I'm here to answer that call!
Trouble may follow, but I use my dignity to overcome it.
I'll learn the arts of magic and swordmanship.
I'll even join The Seraphim!

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