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This historical page belongs to The Holy Dragons and everything in this page should not be considered canon to Holy's stories. (as they're being improved, by.. a lot..) -- Thanks.

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the beginning
Blackened Angel
A New Ally

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Nero Angelo

''Where is your guild leader Bookah!?''
A mid-aged Asura was standing at the center of The Seraphim's guild hall yelling at a crafter.
''Go and fetch him for me now!''
''No need...'' Nero stepped from the shadows and entered the daylight.
''What can I do for you?''
The Asura Laughed ''I said bring me your leader..the old man..''
''He passed away... thus hereby I'll ask it one more time, What could this guild or me do for you?''
''The Asura sighed, ''My name is Ucco and I'm here to deliver this ancient artifact.''
''The book?'' Nero Asked.
''Yes ofcourse it's the book! what else? stupid Bookahs...
''And it isn't just ''a book'' it's called the '' Ancient Tome of Knowledge'' derived from the Elonian desolations!''
''So why did you bring it here?''
''Well you see.. this tome.. it's locked, and I thought maybe your guild lea..I mean former guild leader could open it.
''Not like I can't but.. whatever why am I even talking to you Bookahs you wouldn't even be able to understand what a Flux Matrix is..''
''Wait a split-second I found it!''if I turn this and switch this with that and use this lockpick for that..
''Eureka! I got it! Ucco you're a real Genius!''
At that moment the book swung open and a purple glowing portal appeared,
Stone Shards dropped to the ground with purple inscriptions glowing on it's side.
The portal vanished and the stone shards started to move taking the shape of some sort of creature..
''It's a Monolith!'' Ucco yelled
The beast swung one of his arms and a shard almost pierced the Asura but it bounced of a blue glowing aura.
''you're a guardian?'' Nero asked while grabbing his sword.''
''An armored Asura with a blue glowing aura.. do the math human.
For the first time in weeks a smile appeared on Nero's face as they slew the monolith.
An hour later Ucco and Nero sat together on a wooden bench.
''You knew something like this would happen didn't you?''
''I did.. but I didn't want to face it alone''
''So that's why you came?''
''No.. well.. maybe but I've got to go now I have got some more stuff to do.
The Asura left, leaving the shredded tome behind...
''What a strange guy.'' Nero said while watching Ucco walking away
And Nero went back inside to finish some of his own work.

what Nero listens atm.[edit]

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