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Where she spawns, nobody knows?

List of Skritt Burglar Spawning Locations[edit]


Primary article: Skritt Burglar

The Skritt Burglar is an NPC who hides herself in a small chest in various locations in Tyria. She's important to achievement point farmers because she's responsible for triggering four 10Achievement points explorer titles:

List Notes[edit]

Starting with the June 2013 version of the article, I've removed all the redundant and fluff text and converted the data into an at-a-glance format.

  • Organized by nearest linkable landmark: the original data was sorted by local area, a format the wiki prefers, but I find useless for giving directions to other people. (I don't play with anyone who knows the location of e.g. the Cadem Forest, but anyone can find Stonecrag Kraal if I ping the .)
  • Accuracy of notes: in some cases, the exact location is unclear from the original directions, so I've done the best I can without personally verifying each and every one (since the spawns are temporary and random, this would be a horribly time consuming project).
  • Redlinked maps: the wiki currently doesn't have that many maps and the uploaders haven't used a consistent naming convention. So, for the moment, I've invented a naming convention with the intention of moving files to that (or some other consensus-based arrangement), at which point the links will start working. Before that, I'll probably just add links to current docs so you don't have to click back/forth with the main article. My suggested convention is:
    File:[Achievement] ([area])].jpg, for example
    File:Jackaloping Along (Bore Lynch).jpg (I think this is a good use of area, since it usefully distinguishes one part of a zone from another in a way the wiki understands and isn't important to the player)
  • There should be five locations per map (discovered after Claret determined that there are 80 events, but not as many locations on my list).
    • After some manual visits to the API lists, I've found five events per map location — these will be posted on the talk page, since the event IDs have no value to the average person.
    • I have no way of matching an event ID to a more specific location; if I have time, I'll get help to see if I can get (x,y) coordinates that I might be able to place to a nearby PoI or WP, assuming I can get those coordinates, too.
    • I'll update the lists below to indicate zones with too few locations.

Behind the Mask (Ascalon)[edit]

All locations in Ascalon. MIssing two in Diessa Plateau and three in Fields of Ruin.

Nearest Linkable Code Zone Map Details
Stonecrag Kraal [&BFgBAAA=] Plains of Ashford Located in the tunnel connecting the road from nearby vista.
Loreclaw Waypoint [&BMcDAAA=] Plains of Ashford North of Mei Hawkslayer (heart).
Martyr's Waypoint [&BIIBAAA=] Plains of Ashford South of WP, in the village between Calhaan's Hunt & Deadgod's Lair.
The Viewing Hill [&BFQBAAA=] Plains of Ashford North and a little west of the PoI, in a cave. If no chest, you will see ghosts.
Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint [&BJgDAAA=] Plains of Ashford On grassy plateau between WP and Igni Castrum, among the dead rams.
Vorgas Garrison Waypoint [&BCICAAA=] Fireheart Rise North, atop a grass-covered cliff. Devourers and Imps nearby.
Haymal Gore [&BA8CAAA=] Fireheart Rise Southeast of the vista, there's a cave. Enter and stay right. Chest at the campsite.
Shadow Cleft [&BAcCAAA=] Fireheart Rise Skritt burglar ascalon 001.jpg Southeast of PoI, across road, just north of southern cliff. Due west of Keeper's Waypoint.
Apostate Waypoint [&BB0CAAA=] Fireheart Rise Entrance of spider save.
Coalpit Watchpost [&BAYCAAA=] Fireheart Rise Skritt burglar ascalon 002.jpg South of WP, in the light-colored area.
Butcher's Block Waypoint [&BF8BAAA=] Diessa Plateau Head northwest, past heart, towards tunnel entrance.
Incendio Waypoint [&BGIBAAA=] Diessa Plateau Southwest from the waypoint.
The Thunder Den [&BNEAAAA=] Fields of Ruin At the back wall
Ogre Road Waypoint [&BE8BAAA=] Fields of Ruin Southwest into ogre camp, then to the grape farm.

Chicken Scramble (Kryta)[edit]

All locations in Kryta. Missing two Bloodtide Coast and three Kessex Hills locations.

Nearest Linkable Code Zone Map Details
Challdar's Nest [&BDEAAAA=] Bloodtide Coast Northeast of the PoI.
Broken Beacon [&BDAAAAA=] Bloodtide Coast East of the PoI, under a stone bridge.
Bloody Bill's Base [&BCsAAAA=] Bloodtide Coast West of the PoI.
Altar Brook Crossing [&BIQAAAA=] Queensdale South of the PoI, atop a small cliff.
Greatheart Weald [&BIoGAAA=] Queensdale South of the POI, inside the bear cave.
Vale Waypoint [&BPQAAAA=] Queensdale By the Troll Cave's eastern entrance, next to the warning sign.
Cliffwatch Camp [&BIkAAAA=] Queensdale Northwest of the PoI
Claypool Waypoint [&BPYAAAA=] Queensdale In the center of the spider cave leading east.
Earthworks Camp Waypoint [&BLkDAAA=] Kessex Hills Inside the camp.
Kenna's Bandits [&BB4AAAA=] Kessex Hills Inside a tent, behind the trainer.
Almuten Mansion [&BH4AAAA=] Gendarran Fields Against the outside of the southeast courtyard wall.
Ascalon Settlement Waypoint [&BI0BAAA=] Gendarran Fields Just ouside the east gate, near the waypoint.
Amaranth Grotto [&BHgAAAA=] Gendarran Fields Just in front of the rock dog cage.
Molenheide [&BH0AAAA=] Gendarran Fields Northeast of the PoI. Just outside, in the middle between three craters; directly north of the heart.
First Haven Waypoint [&BIsBAAA=] Gendarran Fields Outside the fort.

A Waddle to Remember (Maguuma)[edit]

All locations in the Maguuma Jungle. Missing two Brisban Wildlands, four Caledon Forest, and one Metrica Province locations.

Nearest Linkable Code Zone Map Details
Thaumacore Inquiry Center [&BFoAAAA=] Brisban Wildlands Next to the stairs, southeast corner of building
Angelan's Bandits [&BFIAAAA=] Brisban Wildlands Northeast of PoI, directly south of "Gnashar's Hills" on the map.
Joy's End [&BE0AAAA=] Brisban Wildlands At the spinach farm.
Hanto Trading Post [&BG8AAAA=] Caledon Forest West of PoI, middle of the right of two trunk circles.
Parnna's Gate [&BDoAAAA=] Metrica Province North of PoI, at bottom of waterfall.
Cuatl Waypoint [&BLIEAAA=] Metrica Province Halfway between this waypoint at Arterium Haven WP; just north of skill point.
Biocauldron Alchemics [&BKcEAAA=] Metrica Province Northwest of the PoI; amongst the inquest mob.
Muridian Waypoint [&BEcAAAA=] Metrica Province Spider cave, north of the river.
Valley of Gwaun [&BLQCAAA=] Mount Maelstrom East of PoI, near a tree.
Gauntlet Waypoint [&BNMCAAA=] Mount Maelstrom In the inquest encampment at top of hill.
Aliyana's Haunt [&BJIGAAA=] Mount Maelstrom Southeast of PoI; along the road, before the bridge.
Malxa Pyronetics [&BLsCAAA=] Mount Maelstrom Northeast of the building, behind a tent.
Rata Pten [&BMQCAAA=] Mount Maelstrom Southwest from Criterion WP

Jackaloping Along (Shiverpeaks)[edit]

All locations in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Missing four locations in Lornar's Pass.

Nearest Linkable Code Zone Map Details
Hermit's Watch [&BG4BAAA=] Wayfarer Foothills Outside the fence, near Blane the Insane.
The Frozen Maw [&BNgDAAA=] Wayfarer Foothills Between this PoI and the Elder Troll event.
Halvaunt Waypoint [&BHgBAAA=] Wayfarer Foothills Head southwest past heart into the Moleberia mines.
Dragonblest Hold [&BM8DAAA=] Wayfarer Foothills Southeast of PoI, west of the vista.
Haivoissen Kenning [&BM4DAAA=] Wayfarer Foothills (unclear)
Frozen Sweeps Waypoint [&BL8DAAA=] Snowden Drifts Skritt Burglar Snowden Drifts.jpg North of WP, west of vista (next to "Isenfall" on map). Runs east then south.
Snowdrift Waypoint [&BLkAAAA=] Snowden Drifts East from wayoint along the road, next to the large rock on the map.
Lost Child's Sorrow Waypoint [&BLYAAAA=] Snowden Drifts East of the WP, west of the vista.
Exile Waypoint [&BLwAAAA=] Snowden Drifts East of WP, at the small Kodan camp.
Drakentelt [&BI4AAAA=] Snowden Drifts West of PoI, east of region label on map.
Ravenbeak Shrine [&BEEGAAA=] Lornar's Pass Will run west into the cave.
Offering Stone [&BEoDAAA=] Frostgorge Sound Northeast of PoI, on land, where lake meets mountain.
Krok's Ruin [&BG0CAAA=] Frostgorge Sound East of PoI, where southern wall of cave becomes a point.
Elder's Vale [&BG8CAAA=] Frostgorge Sound West of PoI, at the bottom of canyon with ice elementals and imps.
Arkor's Tomb [&BGwCAAA=] Frostgorge Sound West-northwest of PoI, at the interior corner of the standing walls.
Blue Ice Shining Waypoint [&BIUCAAA=] Frostgorge Sound Head west towards dredge area, south of the circular ramp/vista.