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This is a list of all the current broad edits needed for the Domain of Istan. I haven't listed the griffon events. Feel free to cross out/delete lines that you have completed This list has been suggested for the Wiki of Gold project, so if you do edit any of these, go get some credit there.(If approved.) The poi images are often a category as well.

The Astralarium (Ambient dialogue missing)
Chalon Docks (Dialogue)
Champion's Dawn
Churrhir Cliffs (Diving goggle location? Just a line or two, perhaps)
Corsair Flotilla (Dialogue + verification)
Issnur Bay
Modri Caverns (Verify Object/Bundles, diving goggle guide?)
Mordant Crescent Great Hall (Foes)
Palawadan, Jewel of Istan
Plains of Jarin (Allies/Foes)
Zehlon Breach (Verify npcs)
  • Snakerider.2945 checked the full area, can't find anymore npc's, added some nodes & foes though
Super Secret List

There's almost no mention of the Brandstone minigame in the above pages, including the spawns of most of its meteors.