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One of the many representation of Laggrawr


Believed to be the youngest of the elder dragons, Laggrawr is the most recently discovered member of these ancient creatures. His power was first felt more than 250 years ago when a Sunspear settlement under the name of Kamadan was built on the island of Istan. Laggrawr has the power to interfere with servers (as well as the players using them) and is notorious for his habit of boiling ping until it changes into a crimson red color. Nobody knows exactly what he looks like, earning him the name of "the invisible dragon" due to this name, some speculate he is unknown leader of the Unseen ones. During the Wintersday festivities, 250 years ago, he undermined the power of the gods Dwayna and Grenth by stealing a large number of festival hats as well as causing lag for all the players unfortunate enough to be in districts 1 to 5 at the time and spreading to Lion's Arch and eventually, the Vanguard-dominated Eye of The North. He is also responsible for the notorious #007 error and later, the #050 players experienced. This dragon is widely believed to be the most powerful beast of its kind as efforts to slay it have been all but futile.


  • This Foe is úber. [citation needed]
  • One serious hit for Laggrawr was on March 3rd, 2011 when players were given the opportunity to achieve survivor after death.


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