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Markus Clouser[edit]

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  • Real Name: Marius Klouser
  • Family:
Father: Erhard Klouser - Archer for the human resistance in Ebonhawke
Mother: Sonja Klouser - Owns a small bakery in Divinity's Reach


  • Fascinated by history (beautiful tales as her mother likes to say).
  • Learned to shoot the arrows and throw axes and knives at a young age.
  • Currently a librarian helper.
  • Only met his grandmother, Eria, who lost her memory when her husband (Emmerich) died 52 years ago (age 43).
  • Was helped by old Edward to build a partial genealogical tree.
  • Took the name of the one he thinks to be his great-great-great-great-great grandfather after finding out about his heroic deeds through "Journal of Markus Clouser of Cantha".


  • The "K" from Klouser might refer to Kryta as "C" from Clouser might refer to Cantha.