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My ideas on the concept of Guild Wars mounts:


  • Mounts should not give a permanent speed buff.
  • Mounts should be hard to obtain.
  • Mounts should change the skill bar.
  • Mount skill bars should only contain defensive skills.
  • While mounted you shouldn't be able to use your non-weapon skills.
  • While in a form it shouldn't be able to ride a mount.
  • Mounts should only be above water.
  • Mounts can't fly.

Ideas for skills[edit]

  • "Run like the wind!" - Gives your mount a temporary speed boost.
  • Flee - Causes fear on self, gives temporary speed boost.
  • Dismount - Decreases armor for the time you use to dismount.

Ideas for mounts[edit]

  • Horses - Yes, horses
  • Dolyaks - Ridin on mah ox!
  • A cart pulled by a race like... Skritt, I guess asuras would do too if they must... - because I always wanted to be served by lesser creatures.
  • An Oakheart - Hobbitz on an ent
  • A bear - not just a bear, a bad-ass motherfuckin bear.
  • A sled pulled by wolves - I love Iditarod
  • Large turtle - no not the giant luxon thingy, just a large one that could carry a person