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English is not my first language so please do forgive me if I screw up somewhere (likely) :3


Born as the sons and daughters of scandals, these younglings were raised by a hero long forgotten, Mark Is Beest, born in Cantha. This powerful necromancer started helping the poor and helpless after he had ended his adventures. He had a particular weak spot for children, races didn't matter to him, for he knew that in dead, all would be one. The rumors say that due to his love for a certain Norn hero, he had met during his travels he developed these feelings towards other races. The child born from this love is rumored to be one of the few Purelings, ordinary humans having the ability to change to norn-totem forms. Even though this son had at least one child with an ordinary human, it is unknown whether Mark Is Beest still has a descendant, he has never spoken about either it or his son, who died tragically during the flooding of Lion's Arch.

This particular Necromancer, Mark Is Beest, had helped at killing both minor and major threaths in Tyria, he Killed the Undead Lich, Banished The Betrayer, Stopped Nightfall, Destroyed the Destroyers, Eliminated Mallyx and Vanquished The White Mantle and their Unseen Gods. He even freed the god he swore to protect since his birth, Dhuum, from his imprisonment in his own realm. With his treasures he founded an orphanage, where the heroes of today were raised.

This hero, Mark Is Beest, had been granted a gift by his god, Dhuum, which made him able to control his age and vitality over the years. When the locals, scared of Necromancy, found out about Mark Is Beest's incredibly old age, they decided that it was better to kill him, so they decided that 20 of their strongest men should go to the orphanage, and so they did, planning on slaughtering him.

When they reached him, Mark Is Beest, unwilling to hurt anyone, let loose the grip of his age and within a second turned into dust before the eyes of the younglings, who in a rage deployed their talents and slaughtered the villagers, then they fled, to all corners of the world, to their racial homelands, all but forgetting their brave master who had done so much for them.

Son of two races[edit]

After being worn down by the many adventures, Mark Is Beest settled, together with his Norn love. The 12th day of the third winter of their retirement, their love was blessed, with a gift of the gods, a son, soon to turn out to be one of the Purelings. This child, named Ivan, grew like a human, but chose to live by the standards of the norn. One day he gained his blessing and was able to take on him the shape of the spirits of the wild, a trait uncommon to humans. Once he was old enough he went on his journey to glory. Not too long after leaving the shiverpeaks he stumbled on a group of bandits, who were holding a human woman in captivity. In this he saw the opportunity to gain glory, through defeating the bandits and letting the woman tell on the tale. And so he did, he single-handedly defeated an entire group of bandits. Once he went to get out the woman, he felt one of his first human emotions, love. And to make a long story short, they married and had a child, settled in Lion's Arch and lived a quiet life in which Ivan lost his contact with the spirits of the wild, but it wasn't needed, until Orr rose...

Lion's Arch flooded and many people die, so did many of the friends of Ivan, in the panic he lost his wife and child, and he tried to save as many people as possible, but many more died... And then the moment came, he saw his child and his wife, the wife being impaled by a piece of wood hurled towards her by the next wave. He hurried to her and with his last breath he prayed to the bear and indeed found the strength to transform, but he was only able to save his child, which he brought to the shore and then left to find his wife, never to return.

After the flooding, the initiative was taken to raise a monument to honor the fallen. In the first few years hundreds of people went by there every year on the day of the disaster, later the numbers faded, untill only one man came there every year to honor someone precious he lost, actually it might've been a different man every year, since it was always a Canthan male around the age of 30.

The one survivor[edit]

This is the story of a little girl who was found in the the dangerous areas north of the Large Giant's Basin, an area filled with bandits, centaurs and other dangerous creatures. This girl, found without a scratch by worn out adventurers, has told the Seraph she came from an area far far south, from the flooded city of Lion's Arch! Once we asked her about her parents, she told us daddy would be gone for just a minute but would then come back with mommy. We assumed she was left in the wilderness by her parents, but the story turned out to be different.

After we left for Beetletun, we encountered a large group of bandits, it was a fight we could not have won, so we surrendered. The bandits took us to their camp and locked us in a cage, afterwards they left. Me and my men were all desperate and hoped they would send out someone to collect the ransom, when suddenly the girl came up to me and asked: 'Why are you so sad?' I misspoke and told her they were gonna let us rot in here for weeks and once I found out and was gonna tell her not to be sad and encourage her to keep hoping, she didn't seem to understand me. 'Why can't we leave then?' 'We are kept inside a cage, child, we can't just remove it.' 'But Maina can.' Nobody spoke a word, but we all thought the same, who was Maina. 'Is your name Maina?' I finally asked, but the girl started laughing: 'No, silly! Maina is the girl that has been walking with us the whole time.' Startled I looked at my men, they too had no idea where she was talking about. 'There was no one but us, when we were travelling.' 'Yes there was you silly! Come on, I'll show you!' She went to the corner of the cage and started talking to the wall. A few moments later a huge shade broke through the cage and started tearing apart the bandits. from the dead bodies of the bandits, zombies rose, and after all bandits were gone, we all were very very frightened, except for the girl, who was talking to one of the zombies (the shade seemed to have vanished into thin air). the zombies left and after a few minutes I dared leaving the cage to the little girl. 'What.. was that?' I stumbled. 'that was Maina, isn't she lovely, she thinks black is not her color but I think it fits her perfectly. The zombies are gathering some food, they should be back any moment.' I turned around and saw that my men had fled the site. I agreed on staying for the night, as she insisted. Once I woke up, there wasn't a trace of the little girl, but in a nearby tree I found the carvings: "Call her Isolde as I will lead her to you, and you will know when."


Seraph Commander Williams

The cub in the cave[edit]

As the rain poured down onto us we sought refuse in a cave. The Blood Legion Legionnaire wanted to press on, but the Quastor told him to sit down, as their weapons would be rusted till the core before they reached the Gold Legion's encampements. As we said, I went out to scout the surroundings, to see if there were any signs of Gold Legion scouts nearby. Probably not, because they dislike rain almost as much as the fires they say their prayers to. I found a few caves in the surroundings of our encampement. I stopped as I heard a sound from the second cave to our west. It was a growl of sorts, not one of a charr, something smaller, more of a wolf or such. I decided to take a look. I was inside the cave for a minute before the Gold Legion attacked. I stood alone against about four shamans and their personal guard. I was certain of doom, untill out of the sudden giant spikes penetrated the Gold Legion foes. I was filled with joy, I would live! Then I realised that I had only just been missed by the spikes and they (or whoever was behind this sorcery) could kill me at every moment.

I picked up one of the Gold Legion's torches (at least they're good for something *snort*) and walked on in the cave, looking for my savior. I found nothing. As the cave made a turn I heard swords being unsheathed. I shouted with my most intimidating voice: "Identify yourselves: Legion, rank, business!" I heard a loud laugh and a shout: "For a second you scared me there, soldier." It was the Blood Legion Legionnaire coming forward with another four charr and a cub. "This little fellow here sneeked up and told us there were Gold Legion soldiers attacking another charr on the other side of this cave, so we decided to have a look, have you seen them?" I was stunned. "I.. uh.. I was being attacked. But something killed them before they could get to me." "That was me!" said the cub with a proud smile. The other charr laughed, but I was quiet. "Such spirit, eh! He does have to learn to call them Gold Legion instead of Flame, but he'll make a good legionnaire some day." "Gold Legion? I could swear they were Flame..." said the cub, the Legionnaire petted him on the head. "Now, Soldier, show me these attackers."

I lead them to the Flame Legions, four Shamans, and at least a dozen guards. The Quastor mumbled: "We would've been dead before we could lift our rifles." The rest of the warband was quiet. The cub stood there, still with a proud smile as I explained what happened: "I heard a growl in this cave, so I went in, they appeared out of nowhere. Within the minute the entrance was blocked. I was certain I would've died, untill these spikes came out of the wall." "That was me!" the cub shouted again "I hid in the cave in case there were any survivors, I don't have such a good aim you see..." His face turned red for a second "That's where I found you guys!" he said. We were amazed, a small yet so potent cub is rarely seen, dangerous some might even say. We chose to abandon the mission and go back to the city to bring this cub to a Fahrar, the first town we found had an Ash Legion Fahrar, so I legally became the father.

I can only hope that I will once see him to again thank him for my life, seeing his talent he will probably be a Tribune or something by now. If you ever see him, tell him his father says thank you. His name is Eogort Deathslash.

~Drugar Pierceslash

Of Animals and Beasts[edit]

"Oi, Edgar, tell yer story once more, we'll have a laugh about it over an ale!"

"Sure, if you can keep your last meal inside this time."

"Harr harr, just tell it will ya."

"Well okay then, but it's not a nice story... I was part of a hunting group, who had been in search for suitable prey for a few weeks. One day we travelled through a village, a human village I think it was, I don't recall, it was empty, on the edge of the Shiverpeaks. It seemed like they were hunted down, to the last man, woman and child. We decided to look around, and what we found was even less pretty. There lay the carcass of a bear in the living room of one of the houses. There was a loose arm laying on the floor in front of him. This whole village couldn't have been slaughtered by a single bear, it wasn't even that big! We looked around a bit more, we found a pile of dead bodies ready for a mass cremation, indicating the attacks were over at least a period of a few days. The bodie were missing large portions of flesh, some lost just an arm, others were barely identifiable as humans. Missing parts of their face, torso, legs in huge bite-shape..."

"Hahaha, the lad lost his meal!"

"By the bear, Leif, keep your meals for yerself!"

"...Just keep... ...telling... Edgar..."

"Allright lad, if you insist... Now where was I, oh right. So the bodyparts were quite deformed, in ways I won't mention here. Anyway, the rotting process hadn't started yet, which indicated that the slaughter was less then a week ago. At last! A prey worthy of hunting! We travelled north, followed the trail of destruction for a few miles before we set up camp. Erik and Johan set out to hunt, while I planned tommorrow's journey, Sonya set up a fire and Inga stood guard. We should have figured out that something was wrong when Johan didn't come back that evening. Erik brought in nothing. He was a renowned hunter where he came from, so we knew something was wrong. We still had some salted pork left, so we ate that in the hopes that tommorrow's hunt wouldn't be this disappointing. Next thing in the morning we started searching for Johan, who had still not returned. It didn't take long before we found his body. He did catch something the day before, a large boar was tied around his shoulder. Johan was a large norn, though now reduced to shreds, he didn't stand a chance, according to Sonya, our tracker, a wolf jumped him from behind, and at least a dozen other animals, of various sorts also participated in the attack. We were terrified, Johan was almost as big as old Olaf over there, only a lot more muscled then the old man. But the weirdest thing was not the massive attack, no, it was rather that the boar was left untouched. We gave him a funeral worthy of someone dieing in battle, and continued our own hunt, for the monsters that murdered that village."

"It's obvious it was a destroyer that murdered that village!"

"Why is that?"

"Well, for starters, what else could've done that since icebroods don't journey too far from the shiverpeaks? Centaurs would've left the village burning!"

"And you don't think we would've seen the smoldering traces of a destroyer?"

"Ah well I guess, continue your story!"

"Sure will. The day after Erik shot a large bear, so we decided that it'd be better to set up camp here, then drag that bear with us the whole time. I was in my tent planning the route, deciding on our location, while the others were cooking the bear. I heard a scream, it was Inga, I ran out of the tent and saw Erik running to the sound, into the forest, I looked at Sonya and we followed Erik, but Erik was fast, we lost him, well, all but his arm, which Sonya and I found that evening, not a trace of Inga though. I was on guard duty while Sonya was asleep when it all happened. A child came sit next to me, a norn girl, not one of those tiny humans. We talked, about nature, the spirits and animals. When I told her about the deaths of the villagers, and of Johan, Inga and Erik, she answered with "I know, they deserved that". I was stunned. "Why would they deserve that?" I asked. "They killed my friends and feasted on their corpses, it's only fair if my friends may do the same to them." I was scared, angry and I didn't understand. "We never killed any norn, or human, charr or asura..." "The village, they slaughtered three of my friends, when we were trespassing about a mile from their homes. They took the bodies and ate them, with music and happyness, the killers were honored as heroes. Then the big guy, he shot my friend, while he was sleeping, he tied him around his shoulder and took him to be eaten. The girl and the fast one, they feasted on the corpse of a father, three cubs, born four days ago. The fast one took a few more down when he ran into the forest. You are the only one of your group that hasn't done anything horrible to my friends." I was a fool to mention her and I regret it every minute but I did: "But what about Sonya..." that moment I felt something hit my head and I blacked out. When I woke up I found myself unharmed on the edge of this town. I traveled back to the location of our camp, but there wasn't a trace of Sonya, nor of the kid. There were a ton of animal tracks though, but it was if she was never there..."

"By the Wolf, that is horrible."

"Aye, I haven't lived a day without thinking of that night, how I might've saved her and who that kid was."