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Sales 2017[edit]

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Arbitrary Sales[edit]

Note: Previous offers are viewable at /Sales Archive.

-- data on my laptop --

Theme Sales[edit]

Note: Prior theme sales are viewable at Gem Store/Theme Sales.

  • not available

End of Sale[edit]

Note: Previous offers are viewable at /Sales End Archive. Sales usually end at 16:00.

Quick Links[edit]

  • Gem Store — for an up-to-date list of all items currently in store (including current pricing).
  • Gem Store/storage — lists all recurrent items which are not currently purchasable, but are scheduled to return.
  • Gem Store/historical — for an overview of discontinued and/or temporarily unavailable Gem Store items.
  • Sales Archive — previously occurred arbitrary sales.
  • Sales End Archive — a comprehensive account of all past sale end dates.
  • Gem Store Sales — to view past sales.