Spooky Mounts Pack

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This package contains the Spooky Raptor, Spooky Springer, Spooky Skimmer, Spooky Jackal, and Spooky Griffon, ready to celebrate Halloween in scary style!
This pack contains the following items:

— in-game

Spooky Mounts Pack.png Spooky Mounts Pack is a Gem Store bundle.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store (unavailable) 2,000 Gem.png


The contents are directly sent via an in-game mail titled "Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company".



  • The skins in this pack have four dye channels: skeleton paint, main body, eye glow, spectral flames.
  • Introduced for 1600 Gem.png, -20% of original price.
  • First made available during Shadow of the Mad King 2017.