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About me[edit]

I loved Guild Wars and my Guild Wars 2 demo time was probably the single greatest gaming experience I've add... So yeah I'm totally going to buy this game and every possible expansion/campaign that comes out after launch.

Guild Wars 1[edit]

I started playing GW1 in December 2005, since then the game has always been around. It was particularly constant in the summer before I went to University when I basically got all my titles and pimped out my HoM. Since then it's been slowly adding up more stuff. Now it has all armors, all heroes/pets, all d-weapons and almost all tormented and oppressor weapons. Oh and over 70 minipets.

My main character was a Monk and he's the title guy, but over the years I've also made other characters that have been around. Namely a Warrior, an Assassin, an Elementalist, a Dervish, a Mesmer, a Ranger and a Ritualist.

Guild Wars 2[edit]

My main is a male Charr Guardian. I have also created, for name reservation and birthday purposes, the other characters I intend to use: a male Norn Warrior, a male Sylvari Ranger, a female Asuran Elementalist and a female Human Mesmer.

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