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I definitely plan on carrying a couple characters from Guild Wars into GW2. Valion and Volsak are my current choices, but I may remake a couple more as Human. The two will be my main human characters of Krytan and Ascalonian descent respectively. A Mesmer could come about eventually; assuming that it does reboot.


This is probably my favorite race. An engineer would be the most obvious profession for a Charr, but I also wouldn't mind having a Charr Elementalist or Thief. Definitely Ashen.


Judging on if the male Sylvari look too fairy-ish or not, I think a Mesmer or Ranger would fit the look quite nicely. Autumn or Winter would be my preference.


A Guardian would be nice as a side character. I really want to take advantage of all the races, but sadly my Norn character would most likely become a filler char. Snow Leopard path without a doubt!


Maaaaybe I'd make an Asuran character. Just maybe. I really don't appreciate the "cuteness" of the race, but summoning golems would be tight. College of choice: Synergetics.

Biography Questions


Biography Fanatic's Pauldrons.pngBiography No Helm.pngBiography Panscopic Monocle.pngBiography Pet Stalker.pngBiography Pet Snow Leopard.pngBiography Subterfuge.pngBiography Air.pngBiography Ghostly Wraith.png


Biography Charm.png


Biography Synergetics.pngBiography Transatmospheric Converter.pngBiography Bronk.png

Biography Ash Legion.pngBiography Clawspur.pngBiography Loyal Soldier.png

Biography Nobility.pngBiography Unknown Parents.pngBiography Lyssa.png

Biography Instinct.pngBiography Lost an Heirloom.pngBiography Snow Leopard Spirit.png

Biography White Stag.pngBiography Right To Grow.pngBiography Dusk.png


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