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Interactive map

Tonalli is a hylek found in Teku Nuhoch wishing to explore the area on the nearby plateau.


Heart of Maguuma


<Character name>: Salutations. (If asura or charr)
<Character name>: Hello, there. (If human)
<Character name>: Well met. (If norn)
<Character name>: Hello. (If sylvari)
Tonalli: Just look at it, over there...
<Character name>: Come again? (If asura or charr)
<Character name>: Say again? (If human)
<Character name>: Huh? (If norn)
<Character name>: Excuse me? (If sylvari)
Tonalli: That plateau. It's too high to climb from the jungle floor.
Tonalli: If only I could fly. I'd love to be able to explore it.