Stop Captain Wiley before he finishes scouring the ship for treasure

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Stop Captain Wiley before he finishes scouring the ship for treasure

Interactive map

Interactive map

Stop Captain Wiley before he finishes scouring the ship for treasure is a level 32 group event in Lake Gendarr. It occurs at a sunken ship, south of the Provern Shore Waypoint.


  • Captain Wiley
  • Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • Areas Remaining
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  • Wiley's escaping with the treasure!


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,500 Experience.png 162 Karma 38 Copper coin
Silver 1,275 Experience.png 138 Karma 32 Copper coin
Bronze 1,125 Experience.png 122 Karma 28 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 32 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event pre
Captain Wiley: My apologies, a most excellent business venture has presented itself. I must be off.
Captain Wiley: I'll keelhaul you all for lettin' this happen!
Captain Wiley: What could possibly be taking you slackjaws so long? Worthless dogs, all of you. Huh... where did everybody go?
During the event
Captain Wiley: Obviously, my crew has abandoned ship in the most bothersome way possible.
Captain Wiley: Time for me to stop standing still and start stopping you scurvy scoundrels from stealing MY treasure.
Captain Wiley: Raise your rusty razors! Captain Wiley is going to wipe you off this world!
During the fight
Captain Wiley: Sorry, did you need something? I really can't be bothered right now.
Captain Wiley: Reasonable riffraff rarely risk rousing rogues like myself. Wiley seldom sails without a crew. Pirates! Attack!
Captain Wiley: Secure our score...ah, to Torment with it! Kill the invaders, and I'll share the treasure with survivors!
On success
Lionguard Jennen: Victory! We did it!
Upon failure
Lionguard Jennen: Blast it! Those pirates got away with the treasure. (sigh) I'll report this to Lion's Arch.
Champion Captain Wiley: Am I good or what?
Buccaneer Sapper: Yes.[sic] sir! You're very good, sir.