Rescue the villagers and defeat harpy kidnappers

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Rescue the villagers and defeat harpy kidnappers

Interactive map

Interactive map

Rescue the villagers and defeat harpy kidnappers is a level 38 Dynamic event that occurs in Tanglerot Hills.


  • Remaining Captive Villagers: x


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 2,051 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
Silver 1,744 Experience.png 161 Karma 37 Copper coin
Bronze 1,538 Experience.png 142 Karma 33 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 38 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start, in Rosko's Campsite
Lieutenant Dorrett: Sir, our scouts report that the captured villagers may still be alive in the eastern harpy nests.
Captain Carbins: Balthazar's hounds! We don't have the manpower to spare for a rescue operation.
Captain Carbins: Lieutenant, gather all volunteers you can and rescue those villagers. We are not leaving them to the harpies!
Lieutenant Dorrett: Yes, sir!
Upon arriving in Tanglerot Hills
Lieutenant Dorrett: Report!
Ebon Vanguard Scout Charles: Harpies have our people spread throughout their camp. They also have patrols going, seeing if anyone is approaching.
Lieutenant Dorrett: Set up a perimeter here and keep this area secure. Everyone else, break through their lines and retrieve the captives.
Ebon Vanguard Scout Charles: Understood, ma'am.
During the event, when approaching both Vanguard soldiers
Lieutenant Dorrett: Bring rescued villagers here. We'll keep this area secure.
Beginning an escort with a villager, one of the following
Captured Villager: Thank the gods you're here. I don't want to think about what could've happened to me.
Captured Villager: Oh, thank goodness.
Villager: Whew. Thanks.
Villager: Thank you so much. I thought I would never see my children again.
Villager: Thank the gods you came along!
During escort, the villager stops and cowers as Harpy Hunter and/or Harpy Warrior spawn
Captured Villager: There are harpies everywhere! Make them go away!
Captured Villager: Please! Get them away from me!
Villager: Oh gods, save me from these harpies!
Villager: I need help!
Villager: Help me!
Villager: Too many harpies! Get them away from me!
After the last captive has returned
Ebon Vanguard Scout Charles: That's the last of the captives, lieutenant.
Lieutenant Dorrett: All right folks, time to go home! Scout, make sure we're not followed.
Ebon Vanguard Scout Charles: Will do, lieutenant.
After Lieutenant Dorrett returns to camp
Lieutenant Dorrett: Sir, we got our people back from the harpies. And we clipped a few wings along the way.
Captain Carbins: Outstanding, lieutenant! See to the rescued and then get some rest.


Even though all villagers are referred to as 'Captive' in the event text, only some are actually called Captured Villager. The rest are referred to as just Villagers.