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Recursive Resourcing

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Recursive Resourcing.png

Recursive Resourcing

Central Tyria mastery point

Track region
Central Tyria
Mastery track
Fractal Attunement
Req. experience

Before completion: Greater attunement with the fractals will grant bonus rewards from Chests of the Mists as well as Unlocked Fractal Encryptions. Fractal potion conversion also improves. 

After completion: You now gain bonus rewards from Chests of the Mists and Fractal Encryptions. Mist potion conversion has improved.

— In-game description


  • Increases the value of junk items in Unlocked Fractal Encryptions from ~25s/chest to ~43s/chest on average, the chance of a key from ~7.5% to ~10%, and also the amount of +1 Agony Infusions.[1]
  • Fractal potions will now grant you 25% of your AR per stack in bonus stats.