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Rata Novus Golem (suit)

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Rata Novus Golem

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Exhumed Delve
(Dragon's Stand)

The Rata Novus Golem is an ancient power suit found at the Second Southern Checkpoint near the entrance to the Rata Novan Remnants. Interacting with it will allow players to put on the suit, replacing their skills with strong siege attacks.


Heart of Maguuma


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Rocket Punch.png Rocket Punch 1 Fire a rocket from each hand.
2 Whirling Inferno.png Whirling Inferno 50.5½ 6 Spin around releasing jets of flame to damage your foes.
3 Shield Bubble.png Shield Bubble 10 Engage the suit's shield bubble to block projectiles.
4 Rocket Salvo.png Rocket Salvo 20.25¼ 15 Launch a barrage of rockets that knock down foes.
5 Leave Suit.png Leave Suit 1 Exit the golem suit.


  • While using the suit, players will also have the effect Transformed (golem suit).png Transformed.
  • The suit grants an enormous amount of health, but you cannot recover health while inside it.
  • You may pick up and use Charr Weapons while inside the suit, and still retain the transformation.