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Proximity Test: Inquest Specialist

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Proximity Test- Inquest Specialist.png

Proximity Test: Inquest Specialist

Item type
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png HOPE III: Prototype
Account Bound
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Hint: Take the Synergetic Reactor to the abandoned mine in Dry Top and attempt to sabotage the Inquest Synergetics Panel. After defeating the Inquest Synergetics Expert, use the device to test the energy reactions in the area.

— In-game description


  • Entry to the Abandoned Mine is only possible during the events Defeat the champion N4-SR before the Inquest can lock down their base (at XX:05, XX:20 and XX:35) and Rescue the captive Zephyrites (at XX:10 and XX:25). Participation is optional; the location of the Panel is in the furthest chamber from the entrance and requires Zephyrite Aspect Crystals to access, so you may be forced to join in to get them.
  • You have until the event timer elapses to finish the Proximity Test. After that, you are teleported back outside.
  • Interacting with the Panel starts an event and spawns the Inquest Synergetics Expert. She is a Veteran level Inquest Engineer. Another Veteran and some basic enemies roam the area, so you may want to eliminate those first.
  • Once the Expert is dead, use the Synergetic Reactor to gain credit for the Proximity Test in your collection.


  • Item does not actually enter your inventory.