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Proximity Test: Fungus Among Us Adventure

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Proximity Test- Fungus Among Us Adventure.png

Proximity Test: Fungus Among Us Adventure

Item type
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png HOPE III: Prototype
Account Bound
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Hint: Take the Synergetic Generator to Auric Basin and test the energy reactions after gaining a rank of silver[sic] or better in the adventure A Fungus Among Us.

— In-game description


  • Double-click the Synergetic Generator after attaining Bronze or better rank in A Fungus Among Us.
    • If you do not get credit, try resetting the adventure and clicking on the Generator several times. Additionally, some players have reported success by using the Synergetic Generator by the "Endurance" Strongbox after the waterfall while transformed.
Screenshot of obtaining the item


Credit for this item is not rewarded consistently; it is currently unknown how to avoid this issue.
Contrary to the text, attaining Silver rank in A Fungus Among Us is not necessary to gain credit for this item; Bronze rank will do.
  • Item does not actually enter your inventory.