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This text property describes the mastery track region that a mastery track belongs to.

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Adrenal Mushrooms +Heart of Thorns  +
Adroit Evasion +Path of Fire  +
Advanced Gliding +Heart of Thorns  +
Advanced Logistics +Central Tyria  +
Aerial Finesse +Path of Fire  +
Aerial Prowess +Path of Fire  +
Agony Channeler +Central Tyria  +
Air Rescue +Path of Fire  +
Barrier Smash +Path of Fire  +
Big Air +Path of Fire  +
Blazing Speed Mushrooms +Heart of Thorns  +
Bolster Allies +Path of Fire  +
Bond of Faith (mastery) +Path of Fire  +
Bond of Life (mastery) +Path of Fire  +
Bond of Vigor (mastery) +Path of Fire  +
Bouncing Mushrooms +Heart of Thorns  +
Canyon Jumping +Path of Fire  +
Counter Magic +Heart of Thorns  +
Enhanced Evasion +Path of Fire  +
Essential Singularities +Central Tyria  +
Exalted Acceptance +Heart of Thorns  +
Exalted Assistance +Heart of Thorns  +
Exalted Gathering +Heart of Thorns  +
Exalted Honing +Heart of Maguuma  +
Exalted Markings +Heart of Thorns  +