Mysterious Stranger (Super Adventure Box)

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Mysterious Stranger

Mysterious Stranger (Super Adventure Box).jpg

Pain Cliffs

Left, right, right, forward, forward. I know the way!

— Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger is a meditating Red Assassin found in the 8th hidden room in World 2 Zone 2 of Super Adventure Box. Speaking to him and contemplating on the rock with the Lotus Flower awards players the Gatekeeper Lullaby on the Wooden Whistle.


Maguuma Jungle


  • The Flower is named "Lotus" in the chat box, but has no overhead name and looks like any other flower.
  • The Mysterious Stranger is referred to as "Helpful Friend" in the chat box.
  • The phrase he says refers to how to best navigate the portals later in the map, allowing you to skip a potentially difficult jumping sequence.
  • It also reveals to how to navigate through the icy maze in Storm Top to learn the Shatter Serenade song.
  • Use your newly-learnt song to open the wall nearby and gain access to a SAB 50 Bauble Icon.png 50 Bauble.