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MAMA is the first boss in Nightmare Fractal's challenge mote.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Nightmarish

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png


Entire fight:

  • All players get an orange aoe cone in front of them, that follows the direction the player is facing. After a few seconds, the cone procs and all allies in the zone take damage. Any ally hit will also get a new identical cone in front of them.

Initial form:

  • MAMA spins her arms in an AoE around her, dealing damage and applying Knockback.png knock back and multiple stacks of Burning.png burning to hit enemies.
  • MAMA shoots multiple red orbs in a cone near a target player. These orbs can be reflected.
  • MAMA shoots multiple green orbs in a cone near a target player, creating poison fields where the orbs land.
  • MAMA shoots out multiple red orbs around her, which bounce a total of two times away from MAMA, splitting into two orbs on each bounce. These orbs can be reflected.
  • Orange circles spawn around MAMA at 6 different distances in a set pattern, dealing damage after a short delay. The circle on top of MAMA also creates a short duration poison field.
  • Arkk creates a bubble at his location, and a red AoE fills the room, moving towards the bubble. Once the aoe reaches the edge of the bubble, all players outside of the bubble get downed or finished. MAMA has no breakbar during this attack.

Enraged form:

  • MAMA spins her arms at the player.
  • MAMA smashes the ground four times, each smash applying Knockback.png knock back and damage, starting with a wide and near instant AoE behind her followed by three smaller AoEs in a clockwise order. The first smash also creates a circle emanating from the center of the smash which applies Knockback.png knock back unless jumped over or dodged through.
  • MAMA jumps to a targeted player, dealing damage when landing and creating three Knockback.png knock back circles emanating from where she landed.
  • A large orange warning circle is spawned at MAMA's current position, which after a short delay creates a long lasting red AoE within the circle, dealing damage to players inside of it.
  • MAMA shoots multiple red orbs at all players, which then bounce multiple times toward their targeted player. Each bounce deals damage in a small AoE. These orbs can be reflected.
Stolen skills


  • MAMA has a 250 range diameter hitbox, which is considered large.


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