Legionnaire (Super Adventure Box)

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Legionnaire was a charr Legionnaire who saw potential in Moto's Super Adventure Box as a tool used for war-gaming and training.


Maguuma Jungle

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Conversation with Moto
Legionnaire: This reality engine of yours has serious war-gaming potential. I could see it being used as training arenas, maybe an arena network.
Legionnaire: I wonder if you'd be interested in a lucrative military contract with our legion.
Moto: Absolutely not. My Super Adventure Box is not one of your smoking war machines.
Legionnaire: (growl) That's...unfortunate.
Conversation with Subdirector Klein
Legionnaire: I'm keenly interested in potential military applications of that device.
Subdirector Klein: I see. And you're not worried that sort of use could make your cubs prone to violence?
Legionnaire: (chuckle) That would be the optimal outcome.


  • After the conversation, he would stand near the entrance to the Super Adventure Box looking in. Later, Subdirector Klein would have a quick chat with him, after which the Legionnaire would leave.
  • Though Moto was against the Legionnaire's idea for the Super Adventure Box, he did in fact help create something similar later on for Taimi.