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Kameela, Black Lion Trader

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Kameela, Black Lion Trader

Kameela, Black Lion Trader is a vendor where players can redeem their Black Lion Claim Tickets and tickets from various releases.


Crystal Desert

Items offered[edit]

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Item Type Rarity Cost
Black Lion Claim Ticket.png Black Lion Claim Ticket Gizmo Rare 10 Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap.png
Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box.png Vintage Black Lion Weapon Box Container Rare Black Lion Claim Ticket.png

Historical items[edit]


  • New Black Lion weapon skins are usually introduced at a rate of one Black Lion Claim Ticket. The price is eventually increased to five tickets, usually at the same time as a new skin is introduced.
  • Skin sets are regularly removed from the vendor to open up space for new sets, but may return in the future.