Jewel Shard

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Jewel Shard

Jewel Shard.jpg

King Toad
Kingdom of Fungus

Jewel Shards are bundles which drop from King Toad after striking his amulet. They are used to make him vulnerable to attacks if thrown into his mouth.


Maguuma Jungle


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Throw (Jewel Shard).png Throw 1 Throw your jewel shard at your foe.


  • Make sure to target Kong Toad's head before throwing.
  • These can also be used on the toads sitting on the walls of the area. They affect an area and cause 25 damage.
  • If you are holding one when you transition to the Cart stage, you will still be carrying it when you load in. However, it serves no additional function there, and if you don't throw it, it will not continue with you to the Hub.