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This page documents properties specific to Category:Locations, which are handled by {{Location infobox}}.

Generic properties used[edit]

Property:Located in
Defines the location at the next-higher level of the location hierarchy that contains the subject in question.
  • Regions contain zones.
    • Zones contain areas.
      • Areas contain everything else.
Property:Has level requirement
Defines the level of the location. Only applies to areas.
Property:Has game id
Only used for points of interest and waypoints. It is very likely that other location types are also identified by IDs, but we have no mechanism of discovering them, and only points of interest and waypoints can be linked in chat.

Property:Has location type[edit]

Identifies the type of location.
Applies to
All locations.
Has type
Allows values
  • Region
  • Zone
  • Area
  • Instance
  • Dungeon
  • City
  • Mini-dungeon
  • Jumping puzzle
  • Point of interest

Property:Has points of interest[edit]

Property:Has renown hearts[edit]

Property:Has hero challenges[edit]

Property:Has vistas[edit]

Property:Has waypoints[edit]

Identifies the number of renown hearts/skill challenges/vistas/waypoints/waypoints in the location.
Applies to
Any location with any of the above.
Has type

Property:Has map objectives[edit]

Identifies if the location has map objectives.
Applies to
Zones and instances
Has type

Property:Has effective level[edit]

Identifies the effective level of an area.
Applies to
Has type