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This boolean property identifies whether the game location described contributes towards map completion (y) or not (n). It is set by {{area infobox}}. This property should obey the rules laid out at Map completion#World completion, i.e.:

  • Default to y on "area", "explorable zone" and "city" pages.
  • Default to n for locations within "Eye of the North", "Heart of the Mists", "Labyrinthine Cliffs" or "Southsun Cove".
  • Default to n for other location types such as dungeons.

Pages using the property "Has map objectives"

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12th Iron Maniple +false  +
20th Blood Cohort +false  +
Abaddon's Reliquary +true  +
Abandoned Barrows +true  +
Abandoned Caverns (Access Prohibited) +false  +
Abandoned Mine +false  +
Abandoned Outpost +false  +
Abbey Ruins +true  +
Acrid Sink +false  +
Acrid Springs +true  +
Advanced Metamystics Lab +true  +
Aeronotics Lab +false  +
Aetherblade Fractal +false  +
Aetherblade Retreat +false  +
Aetherblade Shipyard +false  +
Aethervolt Lab +false  +
Afgar's Steading +false  +
Agnos Gorge +true  +
Agrak Kraal +true  +
Airport +false  +
Airport (area) +false  +
Akk Wilds +true  +
Alakess Ledge +true  +
Alarjann Bayt +false  +
Alchemic Spillway +false  +