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Update - December 1st, 2017[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • New information about Kralkatorrik's whereabouts has allowed the Tyrian Explorers Society to update the world map.
  • Palawa Joko's statue in Palawadan has been given some additional protection. Praise Joko!
  • Raids—Hall of Chains: Fixed an issue in which the Eater of Souls could die early.
  • Fixed an issue in which volatile magic that spawned from bounty bosses would persist indefinitely and was available to players who did not participate in the bounty.
  • Fixed a bug with the PvP timeline in which capture-point status lines were not visible in rated matches.
  • Scholar Fatima has noticed that the Brandstones falling on Istan now seem to take longer to disintegrate.
  • Reduced the frequency of lightning flashes to assist light-sensitive players.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Mordant Crescent Great Hall meta-event to never leave the "Waiting for Palawadan to complete" phase.
  • Fixed a bug in which players could create a SCRAP 80-T invasion in Metrica Province.
  • Supply chests in the Mordant Crescent Great Hall meta-event can no longer be looted without first participating in the event.
  • Fixed a bug in which Corporeal Reassignment could get removed in the Shattered Observatory fractal.
  • Fixed a bug in which the PvP League panel was blank when viewed through the scoreboard.
  • Added the Dreamthistle Scepter and Dreamthistle Spear to the super-rare table of the Black Lion Chest.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Gatekeepers of Palawadan could fail to clean up after the event completed, blocking completion of that event in future occurrences.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

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