Fallen Hero Chest (rare)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the rare container. For its exotic counterpart, see Fallen Hero Chest (exotic).

Daily achievement chest.png

Fallen Hero Chest

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to open. Contains a Shard of Glory, a Resonating Sliver, and bonus experience for your current reward track.

— In-game description

Fallen Hero Chest is a reward for daily PvP achievements.


Daily PvP Reward Earner Daily 0Achievement points
Earn 1 reward from a PvP Reward Track.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Fallen Hero Chest
Earned 1 Reward Track Reward 0Achievement points
Daily PvP Rank Points Daily 0Achievement points
Earn 50 Rank Points in PvP matches.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Fallen Hero Chest
50 Rank Points Earned 0Achievement points
Daily PvP Player Kills Daily 0Achievement points
Kill, or help kill, 3 enemy players in a PvP match.Maybe they'll stay down today.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Fallen Hero Chest
3 Player Kills 0Achievement points
Daily PvP Matches Played in Unranked or Ranked Arena Daily 0Achievement points
Complete any PvP match.Win or lose, you see it through to the end.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Fallen Hero Chest
1 Match Played 0Achievement points
Daily Top Stats Daily 0Achievement points
Earn a top scoreboard stat on your team in a PvP match.There's more than one way to contribute. You find the one that works.
Reward:Daily achievement chest.png Fallen Hero Chest
1 Top Stat Awarded 0Achievement points



  • Added to the game with the December 16, 2014 update, as part of the reworked daily achievement system.
  • Historical variants:
Icon Link Notes
Daily achievement chest (Wintersday).png During Wintersday 2014 (also contained a  Wintersday Gift.png Giant Wintersday Gift)
Daily achievement chest (gold).png During Lunar New Year 2016-2017 (also contained a  Homemade Lucky Envelope.png Homemade Lucky Envelope)