Escort the supplies to Siegemaster Denbi

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Escort the supplies to Siegemaster Denbi

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort the supplies to Siegemaster Denbi is a level 71 event that starts in Fort Trinity, travels through Thorn Pass, and ends in Squall Cusps.


  • Supply Dolyak
  • Event bar.jpgEvent shield (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 11,613 Experience.png 338 Karma 79 Copper coin
Silver 9,872 Experience.png 287 Karma 67 Copper coin
Bronze 8,710 Experience.png 254 Karma 59 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 71 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





At Thunderhead Battery while event is in progress
Siegemaster Denbi: Dang. Some of the trebs will need to shut down until we can get some more ammunition. Can't be running out now can we?
Siegemaster Denbi: That supply dolyak from Trinity better get here soon, I don't want to shut down all the trebuchets.
Siegemaster Denbi: Go track them down and see if they can get here any faster!
Event starts
Explorer Wightman: "We've got to get these supplies to the siege camp. We don't want the trebuchets to run out of ammunition!"
Crusader Zypp: "That goes without saying. You are the one with the map, let's get going."
Explorer Wightman: "Of course. Give me a second to...uh, there we go! Let's start right away."
First wave of enemies
Crusader Zypp: "Protect the supplies."
At the bridge outside Fort Trinity
Crusader Zypp: "Where are you taking us Wightman? The cart is too unstable to travel that small of a bridge."
Explorer Wightman: "I was certain it was larger than this. Perhaps the map is incorrect."
Crusader Zypp: "Blast your map, we have to get these supplies moving and now. Let's just go around."
Explorer Wightman: "Yes, yes...around should work. These maps are not very reliable."
Second wave of enemies
Explorer Wightman: "Those things don't look friendly. Protect the dolyak!"
Third wave of enemies
Crusader Zypp: "Hostiles spotted. Keep the supplies safe!"
Past the bridge
Explorer Wightman: ""Take the supplies Wightman." "It'll be easy Wightman." I don't know why I believed that."
Crusader Zypp: "You humans can't stop complaining. We're nearly on the doorstep of Orr. Did you really expect an easy time?"
Explorer Wightman: "I suppose I hadn't really considered that. There are just so many hostile creatures around here. We should have sent a bigger escort."
Crusader Zypp: "Bah. Maybe we shouldn't leave this sort of work to silly humans like yourself. C'mon, we're almost there."
Fourth wave of enemies
Crusader Zypp: "Guard our supplies with your life!"
Final wave of enemies
Explorer Wightman: "Not again. More enemies ahead, guard the supplies!"
Event completed
Explorer Wightman: We made it! I was sure we were done for back there.
Crusader Zypp: The Alchemy save me from this one. Take your supplies siege master. We've got places to be.
Siegemaster Denbi: Try not to be so sour little one. Maybe get some of your anger out using my beautiful trebuchets?
Crusader Zypp: I'd rather have me [sic] ears pulled out. I'm getting out of here.