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Escort the ship's doctor to safety

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Escort the ship's doctor to safety

Event maps
Escort the ship's doctor to safety start map.jpg

Starting location for Doctor Elly.

Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort the ship's doctor to safety is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs in Stonetwist Paths.


  • Doctor Elly
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Rescue survivors: x/4


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Escort Doctor Elly from Dust Dancer Plateau in Thistlevine Ravine to the Pact camp at Shaded Spring in Stonetwist Paths. She will stop three time to rescue survivors, which will be defeated and must be revived in order to continue, and each time she stops you will also have to deal with a certain type of foes as well. The first will be Jungle Trolls, the second is Jungle Raptors, and the last is various types of Fungi, and is recommend to clear these out first before reviving the various Vigil NPCs. However be careful to only revive the non-Sylvari Vigil members, because reviving any of the sylvari ones are red herrings that will turn into foes and attack you.





Upon finding Doctor Elly
Doctor Elly: We can't hold them back much longer!
Upon event start
Doctor Elly: Let's get moving. Be on the lookout for more survivors.
First stop
Doctor Elly: There! It looks like they were caught in the collapse.
Doctor Elly: We'll maintain a barrier. Send survivors to us and we'll patch them up.
Doctor Elly: Let's get a good look at those injuries, shall we?
Doctor Elly: It's going to be all right. We have you!
Doctor Elly: Rest easy. We'll get you patched up.
Doctor Elly: Was that everyone? All right, lets be off!
Second stop
Doctor Elly: More survivors! Over there!
Doctor Elly: Everyone got all their fingers and toes?
Third stop
Doctor Elly: We've got more survivors up the hill. We have to help them!
Doctor Elly: Let's get a look at those injuries, shall we?
Doctor Elly: Good job everyone! that's teamwork!
Upon arriving at the camp
Doctor Elly: It's so good to see so many people. Let's get them patched up.