Elite Godforged Fanatic

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Elite Godforged Fanatics are members of the Godforged found within the Citadel of Flame (explorable).



Combat abilities[edit]

  • Creates fire fields
  • Charges
  • Bouncing Fireball - Projectile auto-attack that shoots a fireball at target enemy, dealing AoE damage where it lands. If a fireball collides with an enemy, it will bounce off and fly in another random direction, but this can only occur once.
  • Flame Wall - Line AoE that causes Burning.png Burning
  • Spell Detonate - Shoots a bouncing fireball at target enemy and two additional fireballs in random directions. Each individual fireball can only bounce once.
  • Dragon Punch - The shaman charges toward an enemy and strikes them with an uppercut, dealing Point Blank AoE damage and Launch.png launching.
Stolen skills