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Dizz is an asura who used to do research at Incomp Optics, but turned to a path of crime after bandits stole his research, and he realized he could make more money as a bandit himself.


Ruins of Orr


I advise you don't turn your back on anyone during your stay at Meddler's Summit. Of course, whenever you turn to face anyone, you're turning your back on everyone else. Something to think about.
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What happened to make you become a...uh...ne'er-do-well?
I used to head a research team at Incomp Optics. After five years of trial and error, we were on the verge of making a mind-boggling breakthrough in golem technology.
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What was the big breakthrough?
I don't know. Bandits broke into my lab and stole all my data, sold my secrets to the Inquest, and retired to wherever bandits retire to. And I...went back to the drawing board. At a researcher's salary.
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That didn't make you angry at those...uh...wastrels?
I wasn't angry, I was humbled. Those unkempt, unschooled, unwashed hoodlums bested ME—a College of Statics graduate! And they taught me a valuable lesson: crime pays, science blows.
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I think you may have learned the wrong lesson.
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Sounds like a tragic tale.
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I'm guessing it went badly. Good-bye.
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Thanks for the warning.