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Deserter is a human Separatist deserter located just south of Craze's Folly in Blazeridge Steppes, hidden among some ruins. She allied with the Separatists, unhappy with the peace treaty between humans and charr, but now thinks that they are taking things too far.




Please, don't make me go back in there. I'd rather take my chances out here with the moas and bears.
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Go back in where? What's wrong?
The Separatists. They're inside that cave, Craze's Folly. They've started to stockpile weapons, I think they're planning something big.
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But your clothes...aren't you one of them?
I was. I'm not happy about Queen Jennah's truce. Both my brother and sister were killed in battle by charr. But they've taking the cause beyond civil disobedience and small, contained raids.
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That was before. The truce is imperfect, but necessary.
You don't understand! This is a heavily fortified camp. And they're stockpiling more explosives than we need for simple hit and run raids. I signed on for change, not wholesale carnage.
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I hope you make it home, or wherever you're headed.
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I'm glad you came to your senses.
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Good to know.
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Okay, I'll leave you alone.