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Defender's armor

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Defender's armor is an ascended armor set. This set cannot be crafted, armor pieces in this set are obtained by purchasing them from either Scholar Glenna in Spirit Vale or Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative in the Lion's Arch Aerodrome for Magnetite Shards and coin. Additionally the set has selectable stats which are as follows: Cavalier's, Celestial, Giver's, Harrier's, Knight's, Minstrel's, Nomad's, Sentinel's, Settler's, Shaman's, Trailblazer's, Vigilant, and Wanderer's.



Type Light Medium Heavy
Helm Illustrious Masque.png Defender's Masque Illustrious Visage.png Defender's Visage Illustrious Visor.png Defender's Visor
Shoulders Illustrious Epaulets.png Defender's Epaulets Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Defender's Shoulderguard Illustrious Pauldrons.png Defender's Pauldrons
Coat Illustrious Doublet.png Defender's Doublet Illustrious Guise.png Defender's Guise Illustrious Breastplate.png Defender's Breastplate
Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Defender's Wristguards Illustrious Grips.png Defender's Grips Illustrious Warfists.png Defender's Warfists
Leggings Illustrious Breeches.png Defender's Breeches Illustrious Leggings.png Defender's Leggings Illustrious Tassets.png Defender's Tassets
Boots Illustrious Footwear.png Defender's Footwear Illustrious Striders.png Defender's Striders Illustrious Greaves.png Defender's Greaves

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